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104 Center for the Humanities, Bixler
Open Hours: 8 a.m.—8 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 8 a.m.—4 p.m. Friday
(Students come in to sign up for appointment times.)

  • The College of Business and Economics has its own Writing Fellows program in Dauch; contact Dr. Ray Jacobs for information.

Writing Studio modus operandi

The Writing Studio welcomes students who are writing papers for courses in any discipline. Writing Assistants (WAs) represent a variety of majors & minors and core courses; each WA posts a list of his or her courses and professors so a student can sign up for an appointment with the WA who is the best voice-of-experience for that course and writing assignment. Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance by signing for a time on a WA’s schedule; the Studio’s door is open 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday. Appointments cannot be made by telephone or by e-mail.

Susan Guiher Huff, Director


Susan Guiher Huff is enjoying her 23rd year as the director for the writing studio. She will be pleased to tell students and faculty more about the Studio’s programs and how the WAs work with writing assignments across the curriculum.

Contact the following Writing Assistants for help:

Joe Antus


Joe Antus is a senior religion and political science double-major with minors in ethics and history. He is writing assistant for religion courses, political science courses and courses with Dr. Mancha in the philosophy department. Joe is a student leader at the Well, a member of Theta Alpha Kappa and Phi Sigma Tau honor societies and an Ashbrook Scholar. Joe enjoys helping students with critical reading, questioning and analysis, and his writing expertise includes developing theses, structure and coherency. Make appointments with Joe to discuss reading and writing assignments in religion, as well as other courses in the humanities.

Lynnette Bosley


Lynnette Bosley is a junior majoring in middle grades education with concentrations of language arts and social studies. She is a member of the honors program, the University Concert Band and regularly attends the Well. Lynette is writing assistant for Dr. Gary Levine, and her writing specialties are rhetorical analysis, personal narrative and research. She notes, “I especially enjoy writing narratives and papers where I can choose the topic. If I am passionate about the topic, it is more enjoyable for me to write the paper. “ See Lynnette for all writing assignments for the College of Education and Dr. Levine’s English comp.

Kyle Buxton


Kyle Buxton is a sophomore integrated language arts major. He is the writing assistant for Dr. Waterman’s and Dr. Grady's English 101 and 102 courses. He is a member of the honors program, an intern for the Honors Bugle and a volunteer leader for Young Life. He hopes his study of literature and writing will help him to be an effective high school English teacher. Concerning his writing preferences, he enjoys analyzing short stories and novels, so visit Kyle in the Studio when writing analytical papers.

Lindsay Cameron


Lindsay Cameron is a senior triple-major: journalism, creative writing and integrated language arts. She is Professor Mondal’s writing assistant, and, because of her three majors, she also represents nearly all other professors in the English department. Lindsay writes for The Collegian & Passages, she is an officer in Sigma Tau Delta, English honor society, and she is a percussionist in the Ashland University band. An enthusiastic creative writer, she has served two summers as an intern for Ashland University’s Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Lindsay’s variety of academic interests allows her to work with a large array of writing assignments, so see Lindsay when you are writing papers for just about any course!

Margaret (Meg) Collier


Margaret (Meg) Collier is a junior with a double-major in English and creative writing, and has taken many different classes with a wide range of professors from the English department. She enjoys writing and reading works of fiction, and has submitted work to Passages. Meg enjoys writing papers concentrating on close readings of historical texts. She places a lot of emphasis on the importance of brainstorming before developing a strong thesis. She is currently the office assistant in the English department. She hopes to one day have a career teaching English as a second language.

Conner Darsee


Conner Darsee is a senior English and philosophy double-major. He is the Writing Studio’s “voice of experience” for all of Dr. Weaver’s English courses (because he has taken all of them). Conner is a prolific reader and thoughtful philosopher, so he can give tips on how to explicate difficult texts. Conner says, “My writing expertise is in developing sound theses and expanding them as far as need be.” He is a member of the honors program, Sigma Tau Delta, Ashbrook scholar program, and he is vice president of the philosophy honors society. Along with Dr. Weaver writers, Conner welcomes students writing for science core courses, history, political science and philosophy.

Paul Dyczkowski


Paul Dyczkowski is a junior/senior English, creative writing and philosophy triple-major. In the English department, he is writing assistant for Drs. Waterman, Lehman and FitzSimmons. In terms of writing expertise, he enjoys developing different approaches to a paper and prompting the prewriting process. Paul is an Honors and a College of Arts & Sciences Scholar, a Phi Sigma Tau member and editor of the student publication, Passages (see Paul about creative writing ideas and submitting to Passages). Paul writes fiction and non-fiction, and he was an intern for the 2012 MFA summer residency. With his diverse triple-major background, Paul can tutor writing assignments for all courses in the humanities.

Erika Gallion


Erika Gallion is a junior English and creative writing double-major. She is the writing assistant for all of Dr. Linda Joyce Brown's English courses; she also has taken courses with Dr. Mondal and Dr. Mackall. Erika works as a tour guide leader, is a member of the honors program and the English honorary, Sigma Tau Delta, and writes for and serves on the staff of Passages. Erika also enjoys helping students comprehend literature and/or literary criticism. Her writing expertise includes constructing a solid argument, implementing secondary sources,= and the editing process, and she likes to help writers process through these kinds of assignments.

Lauren Goosens


Lauren Goosens, senior psychology major and family studies minor, plans on a career in speech therapy. She is a College of Arts & Sciences Scholar and a research assistant in the department of psychology, and she has presented her research at national conferences. Lauren is Kristin Distel’s WA for English courses and the Studio’s voice of experience for all courses in psychology and family studies (FCS), as well as the core courses she has taken. She likes to do research writing so see her for help with library sources, documentation and citation styles. (Lauren advises to bring in the research project assignment to discuss with her before starting to research or write.)

David Mohn


David Mohn is a junior integrated language arts major. He is an O-teamer, an Ashland University Ambassador and a member of the English honor society, Sigma Tau Delta. Passionate about reading and writing, David considers it a personal mission to share this passion with others. David enjoys analyzing the thematic elements of literature and investigating the way that the author’s writing style impacts the work. David is a writing assistant for Dr. Mondal, Mrs. Marble and Dr. Levine.

Emily Rosepal


Emily Rosepal is a sophomore nursing major. She is involved in Habitat for Humanity, Marching Band and Hunger Team on campus. Emily’s expertise is in helping students analyze text and achieve a collegiate level of writing. She is the writing assistant for Dr. Saslaw, Mrs. Walther and one of the writing assistants for Mrs. Marble. See Emily especially when help is needed analyzing any text. She also has experience writing science lab reports.

Teresa Williams


Teresa Williams is a sophomore majoring in marketing with minors in journalism and history. She is writing assistant for Dr. Hilary Donatini’s English courses and also for marketing courses in the College of Business & Economics. Teresa is an Ashbrook Scholar and a reporter for the Collegian. In addition, she serves as historian for the Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter and holds the office of public relations chair for Eagle Eye Marketing. Her expertise includes research, literary analysis, news articles and features stories. Teresa’s experiences in history, journalism, English and business typify her diverse academic skills. (Note: She meets business writing appointments in 225 Dauch.)

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