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Adjunct Instructors for College of Arts and Sciences

Ashland University's College of Arts and Sciences seeks adjunct instructors for future semesters.  The College serves 2,200 undergraduates with core curriculum and courses in the disciplines.  Master's degree required; Ph.D./terminal degree, teaching experience preferred. 

 Send vita, list of references, and letter of interest to Adjunct Search 2014, College of Arts and Sciences, Ashland University, 401 College Avenue, Ashland OH 44805.  See www.ashland.edu for information on Ashland University and /cas/ for more information on the College of Arts and Sciences.


Departments in which there are particular needs:


Art:  Graphic Design, History of Design, Ceramics


Biology:  Anatomy & Physiology, Human Biology, Microbiology


Chemistry: General Chemistry Lab, non-majors courses


Communication Studies: Basic communication course with interpersonal/public speaking focus.  Basic health communication course with focus on interpersonal/public presentations within healthcare.


English:  College Writing Improvement, Composition I, Composition II.  Include 5-10 page non-returnable writing sample. 


Geology:  Natural Disasters, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Foreign Languages: Elementary and Intermediate Spanish and French


History:  Western Civilization to the Renaissance, Western Civilization from Renaissance to WWII, American History to Civil War, American History since Civil War, Ohio History.  Department emphasizes political history and use of original documents. 


Mathematics and Computer Science: Elementary Statistics, Developmental Mathematics, Precalculus, Calculus


Music:  Music Appreciation, World Music


Physics:  Astronomy


Psychology:  General Psychology, Psychology of Adolescence, Developmental Psychology, Child Psychology


Religion:  World Religions


Social Work and Family Studies:  Community Practice (requires MSW plus 2 years of practice), Gerontology, Death and Dying


Theatre: Acting for Non-Majors, Theatre Aesthetics, Vocal Expression of Literature


The College also welcomes applications for future adjunct assignments in Criminal Justice, Journalism and Digital Media, Music (applied music, musicianship), Philosophy and Political Science. 

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Adjunct Instructors for College of Arts and Sciences
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Michael Hupfer
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Friday, April 4, 2014 - 11:15am
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College of Arts & Sciences
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