Study Abroad Track Requirements

The Study Abroad Track is the third option for students to meet the Global Competency requirement.

Students must study abroad for eight or more weeks, earn a minimum of 6 credits, and complete a GPS Narrative.

Ashland University provides distinctive study abroad opportunities and financial assistance to its students. A study abroad experience at Ashland University gives students the competitive edge needed for today’s job market.

Premier Academics

  1. – Gain an international perspective through unique classes abroad
  2. – Achieve proficiency in a second language by being immersed in the culture.

Financial Support

  1. – Grant funding may be available
  2. – Ashland University Ambassador Program
  3. – Overseas exchange partnerships


  1. – Develop a global resume enhancing the value of the Ashland University degree
  2. – Develop the ability to communicate with individuals from a variety of culture and backgrounds – a valuable skill for any career path.

Visit the Global Education Office page for more information.

About Global Passport Strategies

As part of Ashland University’s Core Curriculum that prepares students to think with reason, act with the skills, and live with the values of a liberally educated person, students are required to meet a Global Competency requirement.

This requirement will provide all students with the experiences and skills they need to live and work as citizens aware of their global responsibilities.