Faculty and Staff Directory

Print version of telephone directory available for download
The campus operator can be reached at (419)289-4142.

Name E-mail Office Location Phone Extension
Read F. Wakefield rwakefie@ashland.edu 112B Dauch College of Business & Ec x5039
Nitin Walia nwalia@ashland.edu 224 Dauch College of Business & Ec x5746
Gabriela Walker gwalker2@ashland.edu 238 Schar College of Education x5378
Carl W. Walley cwalley@ashland.edu 218 College of Education x5253
Howard D. Walters hwalters@ashland.edu 123 College of Education x5357
Allison L. Waltz awaltz@ashland.edu 308 Founders x5239
Hongxia Wang hwang2@ashland.edu 221 Dauch College of Business & Ec x5222
Lisa A. Ward lward3@ashland.edu Maintenance Building x5747
Terry H. Wardle twardle@ashland.edu Seminary x5774
Jessica A. Wascak jwascak@ashland.edu 341 Center for the Arts x5570
Jennifer V. Washock jwashock@ashland.edu 232 Hawkins-Conard St Cr x5312
Wendy S. Wasnich wwasnich@ashland.edu 237 Dauch College of Business & Ec x5735
Jayne E. Waterman jwaterma@ashland.edu 114 Bixler x5284
JoAnn F. Watson jwatson@ashland.edu Seminary x5182
Russell M. Weaver rweaver3@ashland.edu 310 Bixler x5117
Ana M. Webb awebb3@ashland.edu Columbus x5866
David S. Webb dwebb@ashland.edu Dauch College of Business & Ec x5740
Bonnie L. Weber bweber@ashland.edu 1st FL Hawkins-Conard St Cr x5555
Dawn R. Weber dweber1@ashland.edu 202 Arts & Humanities x5107
Penny L. Weber pweber@ashland.edu Maintenance Building x5747
Jeffrey D. Weidenhamer jweiden@ashland.edu 420 Kettering Science Center x5281
Wendi M. Weikel-Bigelow wbigelow@ashland.edu Columbus x794-4850
Wendy B. Weiler wweiler@ashland.edu Maintenance Building x5747
Sarah M. Wells swells@ashland.edu 103 Bixler x5957
Debra K. Westerfelt dwesterf@ashland.edu 208 Dauch College of Business & Ec x5692
Lee A. Wetherbee lwetherb@ashland.edu Seminary x5995
Amanda N. Wheeler awheele1@ashland.edu Maintenance Building x5747
Curtis D. White cdwhite@ashland.edu 100 Patterson Tech Ctr x5777
Jonathan W. White jwhite37@ashland.edu
Tobin D. White twhite3@ashland.edu Maintenance Building x5494
Leslie J. Whittaker lwhittak@ashland.edu Lower Convocation Center x5761
Darren D. Wick dwick@ashland.edu 207 Patterson Tech Ctr x5795
Steven E. Willeke swilleke@ashland.edu 117 Schar College of Education x5373
Harold E. Wilson hwilson@ashland.edu 129 College of Education x5339
Debra M. Wine dwine@ashland.edu x5761
Tiah J. Wingate twingate@ashland.edu Gill Center x5058
Kate L. Wise kwise@ashland.edu Lower Convocation Center x5761
Rachel L. Wlodarsky rwlodars@ashland.edu 225 Schar College of Education x5334
Chad E. Yensen cyensen@ashland.edu 193 Recreation & Sport Sciences x6194
Barbara P. Yoder byoder2@ashland.edu Maintenance Building x5747
Ervin P. Yoder eyoder4@ashland.edu Maintenance Building x5490
Harley P. Yoder hyoder@ashland.edu Maintenance Building x5490
Vicki G. Yoho vyoho@ashland.edu 206 Founders x5031
Justin Young jyoung19@ashland.edu 214 Patterson Tech Ctr x5613
Lisa Young lyoung3@ashland.edu x521-6844
Robert J. Zakutni bzakutni@ashland.edu Maintenance Building x5747
Marcie T. Zeldin mzeldin@ashland.edu Columbus x1101
Alma M. Ziegler aziegler@ashland.edu x5761
Mary E. Zody mzody1@ashland.edu 101B Founders x5094