Faculty and Staff Directory

Print version of telephone directory available for download
The campus operator can be reached at (419)289-4142.

Name E-mail Office Location Phone Extension
Marian B. Maxfield mbmaxfie@ashland.edu 257 Schar College of Education x5282
Machelle A. Maxwell mmaxwel4@ashland.edu 302 Founders x5072
Connor M. McBride cmcbride@ashland.edu
Timothy S. McCarty tmccarty@ashland.edu 123 Center for the Arts x5871
Aaron McConahay amcconah@ashland.edu 1st FL Hawkins-Conard St Cr x5320
David M. McCoy dmccoy2@ashland.edu 121 Center for the Arts x5167
Daniel W. McDonald dmcdona1@ashland.edu 237 Center for the Arts x5130
Dwight L. McElfresh dmcelfre@ashland.edu 206 Founders x6965
William A. McGinley wmcginle@ashland.edu Founders x5913
Nancy L. McGraw nmcgraw@ashland.edu 147 Schar College of Education x5889
Christina M. McGugin cmcgugin@ashland.edu Lower Convocation Center x5761
Oscar T. McKnight omcknigh@ashland.edu 2nd FL Hawkins-Conard St Cr x5065
David B. McLaughlin dmclaugh@ashland.edu 1st FL Hawkins-Conard St Cr x5555
Michelle R. Metek mmetek@ashland.edu Lower Convocation Center x5761
Mitchell M. Metzger mmetzger@ashland.edu 121 Schar College of Education x5008
John J. Meyers jmeyers2@ashland.edu 120A Kettering Science Center x4525
Rachael B. Meyers rmeyers2@ashland.edu Founders
Rodney A. Michael rmichael@ashland.edu 206 Kettering Science Center x5272
Jason P. Miller jmille70@ashland.edu 300 Founders x5621
Kathryn M. Miller kmille41@ashland.edu Founders
Mallorie L. Miller mmiller3@ashland.edu 100 x5415
Scott W. Miller smille63@ashland.edu 304 Founders x5006
Troy C. Miller tmille12@ashland.edu 103 Gill Center x5971
Scot D. Millhouse smillhou@ashland.edu Maintenance Building x5592
Andrew G. Mills amills@ashland.edu Maintenance Building x5494
Jack D. Mills jmills@ashland.edu Maintenance Building x5747
Paul R. Milton pmilton@ashland.edu 256 Rybolt Sport Sciences x6165
James L. Misel jmisel@ashland.edu 1st FL Amstutz Hall x5915
Brent Mitchell bmitche1@ashland.edu Maintenance Building x5490
Daniel P. Mitchell dmitche2@ashland.edu Library
Kathleen M. Moffett kmoffett@ashland.edu 1st FL Hawkins-Conard St Cr x5555
Rebecca S. Moffett rmoffett@ashland.edu Lower Convocation Center x5761
Brian K. Mohney bmohney@ashland.edu 417 Kettering Science Center x5962
Trina M. Mohney tmohney@ashland.edu Kettering Science Center x4526
Janel C. Molnar jmolnar2@ashland.edu 219 Recreation & Sport Sciences x6172
Sharleen Mondal smondal@ashland.edu 115 Center for Humanities Bixler x5393
Shea L. Monschein smonsch2@ashland.edu 310 Founders x5761
Jo Ann Moody jmoody2@ashland.edu Lower Convocation Center x5761
Alinde J. Moore amoore@ashland.edu 122 Schar College of Education x5391
Laura A. Moore lmoore1@ashland.edu Lower Convocation Center x5761
Diane B. Moretz dmoretz@ashland.edu 238 Dauch College of Business & Ec x5693
Kimberly D. Morgan kmorgan1@ashland.edu Seminary x5161
Nancy A. Morris nmorris@ashland.edu 232 Kates Center x5296
Andrea L. Morrow amorrow5@ashland.edu 310 Founders x5891
Dawn R. Morton dmorton@ashland.edu 205 Seminary x5113
Jacalyn W. Morton jmorton1@ashland.edu Elyria Guide x5668
Cindy C. Moseman cmoseman@ashland.edu 210C Center for the Arts x5293
John E. Moser jmoser1@ashland.edu 119 Andrews Hall x5231
Julie A. Mosier jmosier2@ashland.edu Convocation Center
Luann K. Motter lmotter@ashland.edu Lower Amstutz Hall x5755