Fees & Charges Explained

Below is an explanation of the fees and charges you may find on your bill

Application for Admission
No fee is charged to students applying for Ashland University's undergraduate program. $50 is charged to international students applying for admission to any of the University's programs.

Board - Ashland University's Five-Star Dining Experience
In view of the fact that Ashland University is a residential University, all students live in University housing and eat in the University dining hall.

  • 2013-14 Meal Plan Costs:

    • Unlimited Meal Plan (no guest swipes or meal equivalencies): $2,165 (fall) | $2,165 (spring) | $4,330 (total)
    • 240 Block Meal Plan (includes guest swipes and meal equivalencies): $2,165 (fall) | $2,165 (spring) | $4,330 (total)
    • 160 Block Meal Plan (includes meal equivalencies but no guest swipes): $2,115 (fall) | $2,115 (spring) | $4,230 (total)
    • 80 Block Meal Plan (includes guest swipes and meal equivalencies)**: $1,082 (fall) | $1,082 (spring) | $2,164 (total)

Meal equivalencies - Students can use a meal swipe to eat at any AU retail location for a value of $6.50 per transaction.  Locations include Eagles' Nest, Tuffy's Smoothie Bar, Schar Cafe and Catering.

**Only available to apartment residents and commuter students. Students receive 80 meals per semester to use during fall and spring semesters. Additional meals may be purchased for the Block Meal Plan if needed. Contact Marty Penwell in Auxiliary Services for information.

Corporate Reimbursement
Students eligible for tuition reimbursement from their employers may request payment deferment up to the scheduled payment dates at the end of the semester. A $20 per class corporate reimbursement fee will be assessed. Interest, at a rate of 1.5 percent per month, will be assessed to all outstanding balances after the scheduled payment dates.

To secure corporate reimbursement deferment, students must complete the requested information appearing on the registration form each semester. Students must indicate the amount of eligible reimbursement and obtain corporate authorization signatures. Those students eligible for partial reimbursement are required to pay their percentage or portion of the fees and charges at the time of registration. In your last semester, however, all fees must be paid prior to taking finals.

Early Field Experience
This pays for early field experience placement and supervisor's travel.

Enrollment Deposit
A $300 enrollment deposit for full-time Undergraduate students is payable to Ashland University by May 1 for fall semester or December 1 for spring semester. This amount is fully applicable to first semester tuition charges, and is not refundable to those who do not enroll, unless the enrollment is canceled in writing prior to May 1 or December 1, whichever applies. For students admitted after May 1, the $300 enrollment deposit is due two weeks after notification of formal admission.

Field Experiences/Internship
A fee is paid for each field Experience/internship course. This fee provides for payment of postage, fax, phone, photocopies, travel by the University Supervisor and mileage reimbursement to student drivers who transport one or more teacher education students to field experience sites.

A $50 per semester fraternity fee is charged to all students who reside in Olympic Circle fraternity housing, as a special use fee. This fee is incorporated into the fraternity housing charge.

The graduation fee provides for a diploma and other commencement items. This is a one-time fee charged per diploma during the semester of enrollment preceding commencement. A $25 late fee is applied to all graduation applications accepted after the deadline. Please visit the Registrar's website for information.

  • Undergraduate - Associate, Bachelor $75
  • Masters of Educ., Masters of Bus. Admin. $100
  • Doctorate of Education $125

Orientation Fee
Incoming Freshmen are charged a one-time fee of $100 that is billed to their student accounts. The fee covers meals and refreshments at the summer Drive-In for the student and two guests as well as meals for the student during W.O.W. *The orientation fee will vary for non-traditional and transfer students that will be commuting.


2013-14 Room/Housing Charges

Rooms Fall 2013 Spring 2014 Total
Singe/Double/Triple $2,586 $2,586 $5,172
Paid Double $2,959 $2,959 $5,918
Paid Single $3,335 $3,335 $6,670
Clayton Suite $2,646 $2,646 $5,292
Clayton Suite Paid Single $3,395 $3,395 $6,790
Fraternity Single/Double $2,636 $2,636 $5,272
Fraternity Paid Single $3,385 $3,385 $6,770
The House Paid Single $3,335 $3,335 $6,670
The House Reg Double $2,586 $2,586 $5,172
College Avenue Apts. $2,684 $2,684 $5,368
Senior Apts/Mansfield Apts. $2,827 $2,827 $5,654

All full-time students are required to reside in University housing, except as noted on the Off-Campus Housing Application Form which must be completed for off-campus housing approval. Exceptions to this policy must be granted through appeal process and approved by the Off-Campus Housing Committee comprised of faculty, staff and students. (Students who do not live on campus or purchase a meal plan may receive less financial aid.)


Students are held financially responsible for damages (other than normal wear and tear) to their room and in other areas of the residence hall or house.

Student Activity/Service Fee
$220 per year is paid by full-time students and enables the offering of social, cultural, educational and recreational activities. The activity fee provides funding for chartered student organizations and selected student services. Part-time students pay $8 per credit hour.

Student Health Fee (subject to change)
A $77 fee per semester is paid by all full-time undergraduate students to cover the student health program, provided by the Health Center staff.

Student Accident & Sickness Insurance (subject to change)
Full-time undergraduate students are automatically included in the accident portion of Ashland University insurance. Because serious illnesses may occur, sickness insurance coverage is mandatory unless proof of individual/family coverage is provided. This plan covers students for one year from August 12, 2013, to August 12, 2014, at a cost of $672 for full-time undergraduates and $780 for all other eligible students.

Click here for student health insurance online waiver form.

All international students enrolled at Ashland University are required to enroll in this accident and sickness insurance plan sponsored by the University. This plan covers students for one year from August 12, 2013, to August 12, 2014, at a cost of $995 for the year. Students who submit, in English, written proof of comparable coverage can be exempted from the University insurance plan. The plan must be approved by an international student advisor by September 13. International student advisors are located on the seventh floor of the Library.

Student Teaching Fee
Fee is paid with tuition for the student teaching semester. This fee provides for payment to the cooperating teacher and costs for the University supervisor.

Study Abroad Fee
Students traveling overseas in programs directly administered or affiliated with the University are charged a $100 fee by the Global Education Office. Students participating in international mission trips or choir/band tours will also incur a fee. For students participating in affiliated programs (CCIS and CCCS), the study abroad administrative fee is the only cost paid to Ashland University The fee supports the services related to the administration of study abroad programs at Ashland University including but not limited to advising, publications, marketing, information sessions by program providers, staffing, enrollment maintenance, transcript evaluation and credit transfer, pre-departure orientations, communication with host institutions and program development and review.

Technology Fee
The student technology fee is $15 per credit hour for part-time undergraduate students, or $200 per semester for full-time Undergraduate students. This fee is to be used to support student computing, including the maintenance and purchase of computer lab computers. The fee will also support student Internet access, network infrastructure upgrades, printers, paper supplies and staffing.

Recreation Center Fee
A $85 fee per semester is paid by all full-time undergraduate students to help offset construction costs for the Recreation Center.

The comprehensive rate of $14,454 permits an undergraduate student to take 12 to 19 semester hours each semester. An additional charge of $886 is made for each semester hour in excess of 19 hours. A student taking less than 12 hours pays tuition at the rate of $886 per semester hour plus $8 per credit hour activity fee and $15 per credit hour technology fee.

All international students are required to be enrolled full time during the academic year. For any exceptions to this policy, the student must see an international student advisor, located on seventh floor of the Library.