Undergraduate - Tuition & Fees

A good value for your dollar

The exceptional education you receive at Ashland University stays with you for a lifetime. It’s a value you can never lose. The numbers listed below show what it costs to attend. Our financial aid counselors will work with you to find scholarships and grants to minimize your costs. Also, there are subsidized loans, bank loans and work-study arrangements that all help make attending Ashland University affordable. We work with you all the way to help you get on campus.

Comprehensive Rate for Traditional Full Time Students

Expense Fall 2013 Spring 2014 Total
Tuition  $14,454  $14,454  $28,908
Room on Ashland Campus (Double Occupancy)  $2,586  $2,586  $5,172
Room on Mansfield Campus (Double Occupancy)  $2,827  $2,827  $5,654
Board  $2,165  $2,165  $4,330
Activity/Service Fee  $110  $110  $220
Student Health Fee*  $77  $77  $154
Technology Fee  $200  $200  $400
Recreation Center Fee  $85  $85  $170
TOTAL  $19,677  $19,677  $39,354
w/room on Mansfield Campus
 $19,918  $19,918  $39,836

* Subject to change
The above represents total fees and charges for a resident student for two semesters, exclusive of special class fees, non-recurring, or voluntary fees, fines and penalties. Additional charges may be applied.

Undergraduate Fees & Charges by Credit Hour

Four-Year Undergraduate Tuition (less than 12 hours) $886
Undergraduate Audit Fee $443
Part-time Activity Fee $8
Part-time Technology Fee $15
2013 Summer $474
2013 Summer Audit $235
Nursing (RN to BSN) $486
Columbus Bachelor's Completion Program $483
Elyria LCCC Partnership Program $483
Senior Citizen* $10

*No credit is given and enrollment is contingent upon classroom space. Persons age 60 or older are eligible.