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Rebecca Parillo
Director of Global Education

Mallorie Miller
Study Abroad Advisor

Zach Lindesmith
Global Education Intern

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Global Education / Study Abroad

The Global Education Office promotes learning opportunities for all eligible Ashland University students to gain an understanding of other regions, countries, languages and cultures through educational travel in the US and abroad.

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In Their Own Words

See what people are saying about our programs.

  • Erika - Greece & Turkey
    "Overseas, my nervousness quickly transformed into only excitement, love, and interest.  By going on this trip, I realized that the experiences and people you meet are far more important than any reservations about traveling.   If I wouldn't have gone on this trip, I don't think I would... more
  • Matt - Czech Republic
    "Many of the course topics were unique to the country in which I was living or dealt with issues facing Europe as a whole. In addition to the subject matter, being in classes with students and professors from numerous other countries allowed me to realize truly how diverse the personalities and... more
  • Katie - Taiwan
    During job fairs, I was able to stand out among the hundreds of other candidates because I was able to say, ‘I did my student teaching in Taiwan.’  I obtained a middle school teaching job three months after graduation and cannot wait to apply all that I have learned within the classroom this... more
  • Lynzie - Brazil
    "I had an amazing experience and I feel so much more aware of the differences in the world. I now not only think about my life inside the United States, but when I hear world issues, I can consider those that live in other countries, knowing the world is much bigger than my hometown." AU offers a... more
  • Amy - Italy
    There are so many things that a person will learn studying about not only the culture and the history and the language, but also about themselves. I learned that I am more independent that I thought!   If there is ever an opportunity to study to study abroad anywhere in the world, do it! It is... more
  • Jacob - Spain & Costa Rica
    There is absolutely no better way to learn a language than living it.  You can study in a classroom, take tests and read through a text book, but all of these pale in comparison to spending time in a Spanish speaking country.  Studying in Costa Rica was, without a doubt, one of the best... more
  • Lindsay - Costa Rica
    The best part of my trip was how much I learned within my classes, as well as outside of my classrooms. It honestly pays off to speak with locals and different people while you're out and about the town... And zip lining was AWESOME!!! The Department of Foreign Languages coordinates a study abroad... more
  • Jennifer - South Africa
    "I definitely felt the most progress in recognizing the unique qualities of a culture (having a more laid back sense of time, hospitality, food, music, and traditions). I experienced this growth both in and out of the classroom, but especially once we arrived in Cape Town and were immersed in the... more
  • Jared - Brazil
    My experience in Brazil has been great.  The city and the people are wonderful and I feel very lucky to be a part of this exchange program and to experience another culture.  Living and studying in a foreign country is a maturing process and I would encourage all students to take... more
  • Emily - France
    "We learned from industry professionals and made amazing contacts with people for jobs and career advice later. The lecturers and professors we had were wonderful and I learned so much from them!  It taught me a lot about how the fashion industry will be for me in the future." The Paris... more
  • Kelsey - Navajo Reservation
    "I feel that the most change has occurred in recognizing the unique qualities of a culture.  The Navajo Reservation is the equivalent of a third world country within the United States.  Seeing the people of the Navajo culture and interacting with them in their environment aided in... more
  • Brennan - Taiwan
    "During my trip to Taiwan, my ability to work with people from other cultures had the most profound change.   I also had the opportunity to interact with other people in my dorm and in class including individuals from China, South Africa, Germany, Japan, Nepal, and the United Kingdom.... more