Instructional Technology Learning Management

Instructional Technology/Learning Management is here to help you succeed as you work with technology on campus. Our purpose is to provide assistance to faculty, staff and students to be successful in their learning endeavors.

Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology team supports the student's learning environment.  This support is found in the creation of easy-to-use and fully functional classrooms and labs.  The technology in these learning areas assist the faulty member with the presentation of ideas, media and collaboration to broaden and deepen the students' understanding of the subject matter.  As technology is advancing, our team is moving forward by improving the technology in those areas to take advantage of new technology and teaching methods.

Learning Management

Our Learning Management team assists students, staff and faculty members with our learning management system, ANGEL.  Our content developers and instructional designers are available to train faculty members in the intricacies of the system so as to take full advantage of the tools available. From assignments to quizzes, presentations to learning games, our team is able to assist faculty members integrate different technology and methods into their online courses to extend and broaden their students' understanding.