Library History & Auriculum


  • Construction of the library began in June 1970 and completed in 1971.
  • Doors opened for service in January 1972. ("AC students," 1972)
  • Approximate building expenses ranged between $2-2.5 million. ("AC students," 1972)
  • The library is 75,500 square feet and able to house 300,000 volumes. ("Kresege donates," 1970)
  • Initial student surveys, compiled by Ashland College Student Senate, were not overwhelmingly in support of proposed security systems. ("Take theft," 1972)
  • The building is hexagonal.
  • Window placement controls interior lighting and building temperatures. ("Kresege donates," 1970)
  • In 1972, there were 165,000 volumes in the library collection. ("AC students," 1972)
  • Currently, the library collection includes over 280,000 volumes.
  • The Library Instruction Classroom was completed in September 2001.



  • It is "Auriculum I," commissioned, designed and constructed by John Clague. ("John Clague," 1977)
  • It is "a composite of auriculum and pendulum for its sound and motion features." ("John Clague," 1977)
  • It was constructed with 1,600 pounds of stainless steel, is 20 feet tall and took over two months to polish just four 12 foot legs. ("John Clague," 1977)
  • It consists of two independent pendulums and is often activated by wind. ("John Clague," 1977)
  • It was funded by a government grants for fine arts. ("Ashland College," 1973)
  • It was erected in March 1973. ("Ashland College," 1973)
  • A plaque is located on the library building, directly behind the sculpture.




Special thanks to David Roepke (Ashland University Archives) and Sue Ellen Ronk and Judi Humphrey (Ashland University Library).