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Themes in the lives of adult creative writers. Piirto, Jane TEMPO 2001, Vol 21, Iss 2 pp 4,ff.
Themes in the lives of contemporary U.S. women creative writers at midlife. Piirto, Jane ROEPER REVIEW 1998, Vol 21, Iss 1 pp 60-70.
There's no lying in baseball (wink, wink) Hamilton, Mark Chapter in: BASEBALL AND PHILOSOPHY: TINKING OUTSIDE THE BATTER'S BOX
Thucydides, Pericles, and Periclean Imperialism Foster, Edith
Time-dependence in mixture toxicity with soft-electrophiles: 2. Effects of relative reactivity level on time-dependent toxicity and combined effects for selected Michael acceptors Dawson, Douglas JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND HEALTH PART A- TOXIC/HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 2008, Vol 43, Iss 1, pp 43-52 Dawson DA; Allen JL; Schultz TW; Poech G
Tissue specific expression of alpha B crystallin in the amphibian Rana catesbeiana Posner, Mason INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE 2004, Vol 45, U343-U343 3962 Suppl. 2 Posner M; Danko M; Smith A; Richards R
To Share in the Body Hovey, Craig
Toward a protein profile of Escherichia coli: Comparison to its transcription profile Corbin, Rebecca PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2003, Vol 100, Iss 16, pp 9232-9237 Corbin RW; Paliy O; Yang F; Shabanowitz J; Platt M; Lyons CE; Root K; McAuliffe J; Jordan MI; Kustu S; Soupene E; Hunt DF
Toward a socio-rhetorical taxonomy of devine intervention: miracle discourse in the revelation of John DeSilva, David Chapter in: FABRICS OF DISCOURSE: ESSAYS IN HONOR OF VERNON K. ROBBINS 2003
Transforming Initiatives: Leadership Ethics from the Sermon on the Mount Lawson, Dan JOURNAL OF APPLIED CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP
Transforming organizations through continuous quality improvement Drushal, Mary Ellen NATIONAL FORUM OF EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION AND SUPERVISION JOURNAL 2002, Vol 20, Iss 1 pp 3-21
Transforming welfare : the revival of American charity Sikkenga, Jeffrey View full record
Translation and literary style: Appreciating biblical literature Baker, David ASHLAND THEOLOGICAL JOURNAL 1990, Vol 22, pp 8-10
Transparency issues in NAFTA: concerns and directions for free trade in an open environment Bhasin, Balbir JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW & POLICY, 2004, Vol 3, Iss 1, pp 43-57 Bhaskin, B; Ramanujam J
Trends in Canadian faculties of education Abreu-Ellis, Carla COMMUNIQUE 2008, Vol 8, Iss 3, pp 26-28 Ellis JB; Abreu-Ellis C; Bayley JG
Trends in Canadian faculties of education Ellis, Jason COMMUNIQUE 2008, Vol 8, Iss 3, pp 26-28 Ellis JB; Abreu-Ellis C; Bayley JG
Trends in chemical shift dispersion in fullerene derivatives. Local strain affects the magnetic environment of distant fullerene carbons Bergosh, Robert JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 2003, Vol 86, Iss 20, pp 7867-7870 Meier MS; Spielmann HP; Bergosh RG; Tetreau MC
Tryst Estes, Angie
Tsotsi Transformed: Retooling Athol Fugard for the Thabo Mbeki Era Lehman, Daniel W. RESEARCH IN AFRICAN LITERATURES 2011, Vol 42 Iss 1, pp 87-101
Twelve thousand years of human occupation at the Eppley Rockshelter Brush, Nigel CURRENT RESEARCH IN THE PLEISTOCENE 1993, Vol 10, pp 5-7
Twisting the lion's tail : American Anglophobia between the World Wars Moser, John View full record
Two circadian timing circuits in Neurospora crassa cells share components and regulate distinct rhythmic processes Greene, Andrew JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL RHYTHMS 2006, Vol 21, Iss 3, pp 159-168 de Paula RM; Lewis ZA; Greene AV; Seo KS; Morgan LW; Vitalini MW; Bennett L; Lindsay G; Gomer RH; Bell-Pedersen D
Two methods of estimating a study's replicability Fraas, John MID-WESTERN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCHER 2004, Vol 17, Iss 2, pp 36-40 Fraas J; Newman I
Ultrafast infrared and visible spectroscopic investigation of the photocleavage of nitric oxide from nitrosothiols. Mohney, Brian ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 1998, Vol 216, pp 413-PHYS- Mohney BK; Wang C; Walker GC
Ultrafast infrared spectroscopy of vibrational states prepared by photoinduced electron transfer in (CN)(5)FeCNRu(NH3)(5)(-) Mohney, Brian JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A 2000, Vol 104, Iss 18, pp 4314-4320 Wang CF; Mohney BK; Akhremitchev BB; Walker GC
Ultrafast visible and infrared measurements of solvent-solute coupling and proton transfer in simple liquids and proteins Mohney, Brian In: PROC. ICORS XV 1996, WILEY, NEW YORK Akhremitchev, B; Wang, C; Mohney, BK; Walker, GC
Understanding creativity Piirto, Jane View full record
Understanding those who create Piirto, Jane View full record
Use of rapd markers to document the origin of the intergeneric hybrid margyracaena-skottsbergii (rosaceae) on the Juan Fernandez islands Brauner, Soren AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY 1993, Vol 80, Iss 1, pp 89-92 CRAWFORD DJ; BRAUNER S; COSNER MB; STUESSY TF
Using blogs in academic libraries: versatile information platforms Schrecker, Diane NEW LIBRARY WORLD 2008, Vol 109, Iss 3/4, pp 117-129