Transfer & Transient Students

Current Ashland University Students interested in taking courses at another institution need to read and complete the following form. Acceptance of transfer credit will depend upon applicability of course to program at Ashland University.

Students interested in Transferring to Ashland University 
A student from an accredited institution of higher learning may be considered for admission as a transfer student to Ashland University provided s/he is in good standing socially and academically with at least a 2.25/4.0 cumulative GPA at the previous college(s) attended. For additional information regarding credit transfer, see page 6 of the undergraduate catalog. Click here to apply online.

International Students interested in Transferring to Ashland University 
Because an international student studying in the U.S. has added burdens of adjustment to language and culture, s/he is required to have the equivalent of a 2.75/4.0 GPA on the American system. For countries which do not use the grade point average, a determination is made to equate the score to the U.S. system. For additional information, see page seven of the undergraduate catalog. Visit the International Student Services website for application procedures.

Credit Transfer Policy for Core Courses
All students who enroll at Ashland University with college credit from other institutions shall be considered transfer students for the purposes of this policy. This includes students who have taken advanced placement courses and CLEP exams, or have obtained credit through the post-secondary option program.

Transfer Students
For students transferring to Ashland University, course credits from other institutions will be evaluated by the registrar, in consultation with department chairs and the core director. While Ashland University does not formally participate in Ohio's "Statewide Articulation and Transfer Policy," the Transfer Module is one basis for evaluating course equivalencies when transferring general education courses to meet Institutional Baccalaureate Requirements. Transfer Module Guidelines Students entering with 30-59 transferable hours must take at least two core liberal arts courses (Aesthetics, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Historical Reasoning categories) at Ashland and students entering with 60 transferable hours are required to take at least one core liberal arts course, even if all core requirements have been met through courses taken at another institution. Where articulation agreements have been signed with other institutions, university officials will strive whenever possible to recommend courses in keeping with the spirit of Ashland University’s core curriculum.

Ashland University Students
Once students enroll at Ashland University, all remaining Ashland University core requirements must be fulfilled by approved Ashland University courses or by courses at other institutions which are judged appropriate to fit one of the categories of the Ashland University core. Students must fill out a transient student form in advance of taking the course for an evaluation of the proposed transfer course credit.

5 Things That Set Ashland Apart

1. 1,700 students involved in at least one of 115 clubs and organizations on campus

2. Unique core curriculum that teaches students to think with reason, act with skill and live with values

3. 80 percent of faculty holds a Ph.D. or other terminal degree

4. Top 10 in the NCAA DII Learfield Sports Directors' Cup standings for the fourth year in a row

5. 98 percent of students receive financial aid based on academics, talents and need