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At Ashland University, we value the individual, which is why we offer programs that fit your interests and needs as a multicultural student. From scholarships and leadership opportunities to student organizations and events, we’ve got the programs that are just right for you.

Multicultural Student Services

The Office of Multicultural Student Services (MSS) at Ashland enhances student learning and personal development for under-represented students while advocating for their needs. Through collaborative efforts, our office assists in promoting a campus environment where common humanity, the value of each individual and respect for others points of view are valued.

Black Student Union

Providing a united front and a voice for African American students.

The Black Student Union (BSU) exists to promote an awareness and understanding of the African American culture and to establish a union of brotherhood and sisterhood among our African American students, faculty and staff.

We provide programs that enhance cultural awareness and meet the spiritual, social and academic needs of our African American students, such as:

  • Black History Month activities
  • Social programs
  • Co-sponsorships with other campus organizations

Although the focus of the organization is on African American Student needs, the Black Student Union embraces all ethnic backgrounds.

Diversity Scholars Program

Parents and students throughout our nation are struggling to find ways to make college affordable. At Ashland, we want to expand our capacity to leverage student’s institutional costs. We also recognize the profound impact of having a strong connection to their institution.

For this reason, we are offering two new scholarship opportunities: The William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholars and the Ashland University Diversity in Nursing Scholars. These programs combine financial assistance with the critical tools necessary to optimize student success at Ashland University.

Recipients will receive:

  • Scholarships up to $3,000
  • Intensive academic advising
  • An internship in a University office
  • Mentoring
  • Priority placement in other University programs
  • Leadership development

Learn more about The Diversity Scholars Program

Pathways Pre-Orientation Program

The Pathways Pre-Orientation Program is a workshop designed to help new students assimilate into Ashland University. Students participating in pathways arrive on campus prior to Freshman Orientation to move in, become acclimated to campus, and develop academic, cultural and social connections in order to have a positive start to their Ashland University careers.