Ashley Warholic

Senior Admissions Representative
Gill Welcome Center


Senior Admissions Representative: Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Knox, Licking, & Pickaway counties

“Beyond the small class sizes and delicious food, Ashland University provides experiences to help broaden your way of thinking and enrich your spirit. With an ever-changing economy it is important to know that the liberal arts education enables you to be prepared for anything, and the opportunities at Ashland University for leadership and involvement will set you apart. I am an avid snowboarder and huge football fan but I am looking forward to getting to know your individual strengths, talents and attributes, as well!”


Ashley’s life eerily mimics Miss Congeniality (without the exploding crown). She competes in pageants, snorts when she laughs and would choose to be Sandra Bullock if given the chance. Crazy things seem to happen in Ashley’s life, including almost getting run over by an airplane! However, she also enjoys less near death activities, like when she gets the opportunity to say, “Hi Ashley, this is Ashley from Ashland University” and watching The Blind Side.




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