Advanced Painting

Joshua Risner    Casey Snyder    Claire Kereky

Hallie Dahlhofer     Mauricio Uranga

Kassie Cooper    Dayna Bell    Christa Gast

Andrew Ringler    Bethany Porter        


After students learn the technical aspects of the painting process they are in position to pursue their individual artistic visions.  Increasingly, students are expected to pose their own creative problems, to which their paintings become the solutions.  Advanced painters are expected to make work with an articulated artistic intent, supported by writings, and to address these issues in regular open critiques.  Advanced painters are asked to build their conceptual awareness and to research historical and contemporary influences, in order to build connections between their work and their culture.

Here are some of the works of some of the painters who have graduated from our program in recent years.  They include B.F.A. students who have gone on to graduate school or to work as professional artists, Art Education students whose work informs their teaching, and B.A. students who balance a concentration in painting with other interests.  Please click on an image to view more examples of each artist's work.