Interesting Classes Offered

Gangs and Cults - Examine the historical and contemporary issues of gangs and cults in the United States including gang and cult recruitment, subculture, beliefs, activities, signs and symbols.

Juvenile Delinquency - In this course students examine the field of juvenile delinquency and status offenders including such issues as why one becomes delinquent, families, schools and the juvenile court system.

Advanced Criminology & Profiling – A course designed to use a case study approach to applying theory to the practice of criminology. The case histories of some infamous and not-so-infamous criminals’ will be examined for the purpose of applying criminological theory. Students will come to understand the relative causes of those individuals criminality.

Alcoholism and Substance Abuse - Explore the role and extent of use of alcohol/chemicals in our society.

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Russell Craig, professor of criminal justice, came to Ashland University in 1985 for the purpose of creating a program and major in criminal justice... Read more

Alumni Spotlight

Chief Probation Officer Oberlin Municipal Court
My experience at Ashland University in the Criminal Justice Department was amazing... Read more

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As a criminal justice major at Ashland University you will not only explore a fascinating curriculum that is highly relevant today, but you will take part in field experiences that give you in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system, investigation methods, the courts and correctional facilities.

What You’ll Love About the Criminal Justice Program:

You get to know your professors well and have many opportunities to participate actively in classroom activities.

All professors speak from personal experience in policing and corrections.

The requirements for a Criminal Justice major were purposely developed to allow you to pursue a double major if you desire and thereby improve your career options.

The program brings in many interesting outside speakers from the field including judges, coroners, investigators, FBI agents and others who can give you an insider’s view of your career options.

You get opportunities to tour facilities like police departments, prisons and crime labs where you might work.

Because of professors’ extensive connections in the field, you will have many opportunities to network and undertake internships while you are still in college.

In Their Own Words

See what people are saying about our programs.
  • Allie Spain
    In my years here at Ashland, I have continuously enjoyed the criminal justice courses that I have taken. I find them to be engaging and full of relevant and up to date information that have prepared me for my future in this field. The professors in this program are encouraging and have taken time... more
  • Hali Brook
    Most importantly, I have had the opportunity to gain real world experience through my field experience. I have been able to apply the concepts that I have learned in class to actual situations and people. Through this opportunity, I am better prepared and experienced for when I am actually in the... more
  • Jalessa Brown
    The professors all have worked in the field and can give us a real life scenario that backs up the textbook or the concept they are teaching. I'd recommend the Ashland University criminal justice program to any student considering criminal justice.
  • Frank Whitaker
    The criminal justice program has given me more than I could ever imagine. The professors are well versed in the subject and each of them has a plethora of experience that allows for a learning environment that is second to none.
  • Amelia Rogers
    I found the criminal justice department at Ashland University to be an excellent program. The professors are outstanding sources of information because they all have extensive experience in the field. They also have the ability to provide exceptional internships and employment opportunities.
  • Jordan Spelman
    My experiences at Ashland University gave me not only education in the criminal justice field but also real life experience. I enjoyed so many of the CJ classes. I also liked the fact that each student had a CJ professor as their faculty advisor to help guide them through the program.
  • Emily Schramm
    My experience at Ashland University in the criminal justice department was amazing. The professors used real life experiences as a part of their teaching tools which made the classes more interesting and relevant.