Discover a world of literature and language.

As an English major, you will develop an ability to think deeply and analytically, appreciate different cultures and learn to express yourself well, both verbally and in writing. Be prepared for a lifetime of learning with a broad career and higher education possibilities.

Through the study of English, you will connect with the beauty, emotion and universal themes put forth by such literary giants as William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson and William Faulkner. A degree in English prepares you for a lifetime of learning as well as broad career and higher education possibilities. An English major provides excellent preparation for the study of law.

What You’ll Love About the English Program:

  • You receive lots of individual attention and coaching from professors that simply would not be possible on a state university campus.
  • You have the opportunity to tour internationally with professors, or take a semester abroad, if you wish.
  • Our department offers a diversity of critical approaches so you enjoy great variety in classes and teaching styles.
  • Requirements for your major are purposely kept flexible so you can put together an educational program (double major, major and minor) that meets your goals.

Extraordinary Faculty Who Are Great Teachers

  • All faculty members within the Ashland University English department hold Ph.D.s.
  • Professors are noteworthy scholars and authors who have published numerous books and articles. Many present regularly at conferences and conventions.

Gain Real World Experience

English majors are encouraged to take an internship. Click to see some of the opportunities for you as a student at Ashland University!

Some of the Interesting Classes You May Take

  • American Studies – 19th Century — Examine a particular topic of American literature, history, religion and/or culture focusing on how literature captures the American spirit.
  • Modern Novel — Analyze the modern novel as art form and as social document.
  • British Literature — Examine selected texts of British literature from the past and the present emphasizing literary content as statement of moral and philosophic attitudes in British writers.

Major's Department

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