Why Choose Ashland for Philosophy?

  • Classes are small, and the faculty is completely hands-on. All of your philosophy classes are taught by tenured, full-time faculty who are engaging and charismatic.

  • The department has a unique, thorough sequence in the primary texts of the history of philosophy, designed to empower students with the most significant ideas of the past and present.

  • The department is one of the few programs of its size to offer comprehensive study both in analytical philosophy, with the emphasis on logic, and continental philosophy, with its emphasis on aesthetics and literary approaches to thought.

  • The Philosophy major requires only 24 hours, so you have the opportunity to add a double major or a minor and enhance your learning and career prospects.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to take team-taught classes that combine disciplines such as Chemistry, Geology, Religion and English, with Philosophy.

  • The study of Philosophy equips you to analyze, think creatively and critically examine your beliefs and those of others.

  • You will develop intellectual tools to expand your understanding of both the ordinary and profound questions of life. Through your study, you also will gain communication skills and problem solving abilities that help you succeed in a wide range of occupations or in graduate school.

Campus Organizations for Philosophy Majors

  • Phi Sigma Tau – Student Honor Society

  • Philosophy Club – Provides student intellectual and social enrichment through monthly meetings, pizza and movie nights, public Socrates Café discussions, and invited speakers.

Interesting Classes

  • Concepts of Truth — Examine the concept of truth as it has been manifested in major western philosophers from the ancient to the medieval period, the classical modern period and the contemporary period in the history of philosophy.

  • Ethics — Study major classical figures in western moral philosophy, including Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Kant, Mill and Nietzsche.

  • Symbolic Logic — Focus on constructing deductive arguments, engage in symbolic translation, recognize formal argument forms, perform truth-table analysis, conduct proofs and employ sentential and quantificational logics.

Graduate Schools Attended by Majors

     University of Notre Dame
     Stanford University
Duke University
Capital University
John Marshall School of Law
University of South Florida
University of Dayton, Law
Loyola University, Chicago
Case Western Reserve Law
Marietta College

Academic Scholarships

When you send in your enrollment application, our staff automatically submits your name for all awards for which you may be eligible. In the meantime, you can calculate your academic scholarship award on our website 24/7. Visit www.ashland.edu/financial-aid to see just how affordable Ashland will be for you next year.


The department of Philosophy is housed in the Bixler Center for the Humanities, along with the departments of English, Foreign Language, the Writing Center and the AU Center for Non-Violence.