Middle Grades Education (4-9)

Do you want to teach in order to make a difference?  The middle childhood level (grades 4-9) offers the opportunity to impact students who are undergoing the greatest and most rapid changes of their young lives. 

Two students, seated, smiling at the camera in the grand hall of Schar.

Middle grades licensure provides the opportunity to teach in any two of four content areas:

Language Arts
Social Studies

 As an option, Ashland University also offers an endorsement to the regular middle childhood license that will add the two remaining content areas and allow graduates to teach in self-contained fourth through sixth grade classrooms.

Language Arts and Math

Language Arts and Science

Language Arts and Social Studies

Science and Social Studies

Social Studies and Math

Collegiate Middle Level Association (CMLA)


CMLA is a national student organization for teacher candidates who dream of “working in the middle.”  Most of our Middle Level candidates become active participants in CMLA.  They enjoy professional and social activities to extend their learning experiences.  One of the best experiences CMLA encourages is to get candidates to attend the national and state middle level conferences.  Over the years CMLA candidates have traveled to Baltimore, Louisville, Atlanta, Denver, Nashville, Portland, St. Louis and more.