I think it's great for the program and the students. Bringing the sciences together will broaden the education students will receive by bringing the faculty closer together and raising the academic standard.

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Butter or Margarine?

For over 100 years it has been debated which spread is better, butter or margarine? The process of hydrogenation to produce margarine has allowed the... Read more

Is Organic Always Better?

Organic products have seen an increase in recent years. For consumers, the difficulty is determining which products to buy organic and which ones to buy... Read more

One Daily Serving of Beans, Peas, Chickpeas or Lentils May Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Eating one serving of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils each day can reduce your LDL cholesterol (aka “bad” cholesterol), which in turn reduces the risk... Read more

New Study Finds that Your Brain Determines Water Intake

New research conducted by Australian scientists discovered the brain’s off switch for water intake. The researchers were curious how the bran knows when to stop... Read more

Are you HANGRY?

Are you daydreaming about your latest or upcoming meal? Are you insanely jealous of other people you see eating food? Do the cries of frustrated... Read more