Admission Requirements for Athletic Training

AT Program Selective Admission Requirements

Entrance into the Athletic Training program is by selective admissions.  A student is permitted to apply for admission into the program during the second semester of the freshmen year or during the sophomore year.  The formal application process must be completed by the second Monday of February.  The formal application process requires that each student complete the following criteria:

  1. Prerequisite coursework – Students must attain a C or better grade in the following courses:  ATR 165, ATR 166, ATR 167 and ATR 170.
  2. Completed application – Each student must submit a completed application which includes a brief essay on why they have selected athletic training as their intended profession.  
  3. Three letters of recommendation – A professor/instructor at Ashland University must complete one letter.  The professor should elaborate on the student’s academic ability.
  4. Cumulative grade point average of 2.5.
  5. Interview with the Athletic Training Selection Committee.
  6. Completion of the Athletic Training Education Program Technical Standards document.

After students have been selected into the program, they must complete a formal OSHA training in blood-borne pathogens which includes obtaining or declining the Hepatitis B vaccination.  Students will also need to purchase liability insurance and pass a physical examination.

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