Dean's Student Advisory Council

Council Purpose:

The purpose of the group is to promote the I CARE values among students, to discuss academic improvement strategies for the College and to develop professional leadership skills.


  • One student from each of the following programs:

o   Athletic Training

o   Dietetics

o   Exercise Science

o   Accelerated Second Degree Nursing

o   RN to BSN

  • Two students from each of the following:

o   Freshmen nursing students

o   Sophomore nursing students

o   Junior nursing students

o   Senior nursing students

  • Dean, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Department Chairs

Elections of Student Members:

  • At the beginning of Fall semester, students will be sent an email to nominate a peer or themselves to the council with a statement regarding their interest.
  • Elections will be held during the third week of September each academic year
  • Terms will be for one academic year


  • Two meetings will be held each semester.  One meeting will be on the main Ashland University campus and the other on the Mansfield campus.
  • Meetings will be scheduled from 5-6:30 p.m. and dinner will be served.

Student Member Responsibilities:

  • Attend council meetings regularly to represent peers or send designee in case of unavoidable conflict
  • Contribute to agenda of meetings to provide feedback regarding student recommendations.
  • Provide feedback to peers regarding meeting outcomes.


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