Beyond Lockdown (ceu)

Topic: Leadership and School Improvement
Instructor: Amy Klinger
Method: Online (PDS)
Sponsor: AU Elyria Center
Location: EPD

Course Description:

"Beyond Lockdown" is a safety workshop for educators that provides research based information on the ineffectiveness of traditional lockdown, and more importantly, presents effective lockdown enhancements and alternatives that can be implemented in any school. The course is available on-demand throughout the semester and is delivered completely online. Instruction begins with an overview of what we know to be true about violent events in schools, and focus on the specific skills and strategies needed to improve existing lockdown procedures and implement an appropriete crisis response. Educators interested in complying with the new June 2013 FEMA and dept. of Education guidelines will find this workshop particularly useful. "Beyond Lockdown" is a critical first step in improving crisis response, improving personal safety and increasing the survivability of violence incidents.


Costs: $100, $15
Timespan of Course:
January 6, 2014 to June 30, 2014
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Course Number: 3263
Course Section Name: EDCN*301*A1
Academic Term: 14/CEU
Academic Level: CEU
CEUS: 0.50
Subject: EDCN