Designing Effective Websites

Topic: Technology
Instructor: Diana Gott
Method: Online (PDS)
Sponsor: Lorain County JVS/Adult Career Center
Location: EPD

Course Description:

Hours: 1 or 2 graduate semester hour(s)
Cost: 1 graduate semester hour $245.00 | 2 graduate semester hours $375.00

This course will teach you powerful graphic design techniques that will help you build Web sites that are attractive and highly effective. You'll learn what attracts visitors to a site, and how you can create the most satisfying experience for those visitors. You'll learn to use typography, aesthetics, color, graphics, and page layout to create the most compelling user interface possible, and you'll understand how users read on the Web and the characteristics of effective Web writing. 

No letter grades will be awarded for this course. Participants will receive either a Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) grade.

Cost: $
Timespan of Course:
March 19, 2014 to May 9, 2014
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For registration information, please contact Diana Gott at 440.774.1051 ext 2200 or

Course Section Name: EDU 6310 P41
Academic Term: 14/GW
Academic Level: GW
Credits: 1.00 or 2.00
Subject: EDU