Topic: Economics
Instructor: Linda Spencer
Method: Online (PDS)
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During World War II, African Americans found themselves with conflicting feelings about supporting the war effort, since their own country did not offer them the freedom America was fighting for overseas.  The Double Victory -- Double V -- campaign, begun by the Pittsburgh Courier newspaper in 1942, helped to address this issue.  It encouraged African Americans to participate at every level in winning the war abroad, while simultaneously fighting for their civil rights at home.  The campaign called upon the tactic of the overall American campaign in both World Wars, VICTORY and made it include the home front.  It was a positive assertion of rights through cooperation, friendship, respect, love, and the very principle that this nation was created on, "all men are created equal."  It mobilized Blacks into fighting a war for a country that did not treat them as full citizens.  Optimism was an important component; it was creator James G. Thompson who said that the next generation will have it better.

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November 4, 2013 to December 11, 2013
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