Low Income Students

Topic: Curriculum and Instruction
Instructor: Beverly Warnimont
Method: Online (OWRK)
Sponsor: AU Elyria Center
Location: EPD

Course Description:

The main objectives of this online seminar,"Educating Students From Low Economic backgrounds (K-12)," are understanding what is poverty and who is living in poverty, examining the differences in values among various economic classes and character building, strategies to help studnts and families to enhance success in mastering the core standards and goal setting, exploring programs that will benefit students of low economic backgrounds, and reviewing resources available and strategies to strengthen the connection between home ans school. This seminar will provide knowledge to help students be more successful in achieving social and academic goals.

Please contact Bev Warnimont (bev@bright.net) to pre-register and pay the $75.00 instructional fee.

Cost: $195
Timespan of Course:
November 12, 2013 to January 14, 2014
Contact E-mail: bev@bright.net

Meeting Times

  • Day and Time of Meeting: 
    Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 10:30am to Saturday, December 14, 2013 - 10:30am
    Location of Meeting: 
Registration Information:
Course Number: 1578
Course Section Name: EDU*6300*M30
Academic Term: 14/GW
Academic Level: GW
Credits: 1.00
Subject: EDU