Graduate Admission

Applying for Admission to Graduate School

Thank you for your interest in Ashland University’s Graduate School. This application is for those interested in one of the following areas of study: Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies, Master of Arts in American History & Government, Master of Arts with a Specialization in Teaching American History & Government, Master of Business Administration, Master of Education, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Master of Arts in Health and Risk Communication, Bachelor’s Plus Initial Teacher Licensure, Licensure & Endorsement Programs (Education), Certificate Programs (Education), School Nurse Licensure, and Ashland Theological Seminary doctorate and master’s programs.  This application may also be used by those not interested in pursuing a degree, but who wish to take traditional course work for educational enrichment as Guest: Non-degree students. For those interested in enrolling in a Professional Development Services (PDS) workshop, a Graduate School application is not necessary. Please visit the PDS site at: for further information.

Before beginning the application, please read the contents of this page carefully. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee ($35 for seminary master's applicants, $50 for international applicants); and, you will be asked to choose a form of payment upon completion of the online application. If you are a former degree-seeking Ashland University graduate student applying for a new program or if you are applying as a Guest: Non-degree student, the fee is waived.

Degree Seeking

This option is for individuals who wish to apply to a master's or doctoral degree program at Ashland University.


This option is for:

  • Those taking course work to obtain or renew a teacher's or school nurse's license; and
  • Those seeking personal development, professional growth, or the pursuit of a topic of intellectual curiosity (Guest: Non-degree).

Specific Admission Instructions By Program

Complete Your Application Online

In order to assure success with the online submission process, please note these system requirements for your computer. Additional information can be found on the Welcome page of the application itself.


Download a Hard Copy of Your Application

If you would like to print a hard copy of the application please see the links below.

Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies*    
Master Arts in American History & Government Degree Seeking
Master of Arts with a Specialization in Teaching American History & Government Degree Seeking  
Master of Business Administration Degree Seeking
Master of Education Degree Seeking  
Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Degree Seeking
Bachelor’s Plus Initial Teacher Licensure   Non-Degree Seeking
Licensure & Endorsement (Education)   Non-Degree Seeking
Certificate Programs Non-Degree Seeking
School Nurse Licensure *    
Guest: Non-Degree Non-Degree Seeking
Ashland Theological Seminary Master's or Diploma Guest Student
Ashland Theological Seminary (Doctorate) Degree Seeking  
International Students Degree Seeking  

* Please contact Terri Bisel at 419-289-5386 to obtain a copy of the Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies application.  Contact Jennifer McElwain at to obtain a copy of the School Nurse Licensure application.