Ashland University Graduate Writing Consultation

Improve your writing at the graduate level


Graduate writing consultation (GWC) is a free service available for all students in graduate degree programs at any Ashland University location. The aim of the service is to collaborate with and mentor students as they explore ways to improve their graduate-level academic writing skills. The service includes both individual and small-group consultations; all consultations are confidential.

Why use GWC?

GWC is an important service for all graduate students, especially those who have been away from academia for a while or international students adapting to graduate study in the United States.

Guidance from GWC is available in the following areas:

  • Understanding and following assignment requirements

  • Improving organization and structure

  • Enhancing word flow, clarity, and readability

  • Fulfilling APA or other formal style guidelines, including in-text citation and final documentation

  • Identifying and correcting grammar and punctuation errors

Please note, however, that GWC is not permitted to write or correct a paper for you.



GWC assistance is available both face-to-face at the Ashland location (by appointment only) and via e-mail or instant messaging during scheduled times each semester; an out-of-office e-mail response will provide working hours for the current semester the first time a writer e-mails. To schedule a face-to-face meeting, writers must contact GWC by e-mail at least two weekdays ahead of time. E-mailed questions and papers submitted without an appointment are treated on a first-come-first-served basis during scheduled online office hours, but advance notification and early submission are highly recommended.

Getting Started

Graduate Writing Consultation (GWC) is a mainly “virtual” service. All requests should be made by contacting Before each submission, students should check the "Policies" link on this Website or open the GWC link at the A.U. Graduate School Portal page for important further information on the submission process.



Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Sivakumar Venkataramany joined Ashland University in 1999. He received his MBA, MS and Ph.D. from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. His teaching... Read more