A customized specialization in Management Information Systems is being offered Fall 2013 – Spring 2014.  Contact Dr. Nitin Walia ( for information. Additional paperwork required.

What is Management Information Systems (MIS)?

MISstudies people, organizations and technology. MIS professionals understand both technology and business, so they’re well-placed to help the techies understand what needs to be created to help business, and to help business people understand what new technologies are out there to help improve their businesses.

What are typical jobs MIS graduates go into?

MIS is an integrative and dynamic field. Here's only a sample of MIS jobs.

  • Business System Analyst
  • Business Application Developer
  • Data Management and Business Analytics
  • Director of technology
  • IT Project Manager
  • IS Strategy and Management

 What are the courses of Customized MIS specialization?

MIS has three courses required for the specialization. The specialization focuses on application of technology to solve business problems or exploit business opportunities.

MBA 513:  Management Information System  (Offered Every Semester)

This course provides a basic perspective on the design, development, implementation, utilization, and administration of computer-based information systems.

MBA 514: Database Management & Business Intelligence  (Offered Every Fall)

In today’s competitive environment it has become imperative for businesses to analyze, understand, and interpret Big Data. This course is designed for those who want to equip themselves with business analytical and intelligence (BI) skills. The course also covers fundamentals of database management in terms of data modeling, the entity-relationship model, and Structured Query Language (SQL). 

MBA 514-2: Topic in MIS   (Offered Every Spring) 

This course will explore an area of interest to the students that are current and builds upon an existing course in the program. Topics of offerings may include system analysis and design, information system strategy, information management, and e-commerce.

Students may petition for substitution of MBA 514 Web Publishing or MBA 530 Foundations of Project Management in place of this class, prior approval needed from department chair (Dr. Kris Parsons; or Associate Dean (Dr. Ray Jacobs;


Dr. Nitin Walia, Assistant Professor


Dr. Nitin Walia, Assistant Professor in Accounting and Information Systems, joined Ashland University in 2010 after completing his Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He also holds M.S. degrees from Oakland University, MI and Pune University, India. Previously, he has worked as an IT Analyst at 3M, USA and BayTalkitec in India. His research interests include healthcare delivery systems, virtual worlds, online marketplaces, web-design interface issues and open source software adoption and development. He is also working on issues related to providing medical services through a virtual world. His work has been presented and published in several national and international conferences: AMCIS and ICIS. His areas of teaching include Information Technology, Database Management, e-Business and in the Masters of Business Administration program.