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    Three-Year Degree Programs Earn a high-quality education in less time, for less money. Ashland University now offers a number of three-year degree programs, enabling some students to enter the workforce or pursue a graduate degree more quickly than they would with the traditional four-year degree, and making ...

    Apr 8 2014 - 10:25am - gxcilz

  2. Degree Seeking Non-Traditional

    Providing convenience for adult learners Two degree programs,  an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies or a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with majors in Business Management ... degree completion program in Criminal Justice is scheduled to begin in January, 2014. Let's Begin! ...

    Dec 9 2013 - 4:55pm - 603jq3

  3. 3-Year Degree Programs

    of three-year degree programs, enabling some students to enter the workforce or pursue a graduate degree more quickly than they would with the traditional four-year degree, and making their college education more ... sessions. This allows students to earn an undergraduate degree in three years or six semesters, instead ...

    Aug 21 2013 - 3:00pm - Undergraduate Admissions | Ashland University

  4. Guest/Non-Degree

    This option is for: Those taking course work to obtain or renew a teacher's or school nurse's license Those international applicants applying for short term study or the ACCESS program Those seeking educational enrichment but not pursuing a degree Click here to apply now. ...

    Oct 21 2013 - 9:49am - Graduate School | Ashland University

  5. M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction Degree Programs

    The M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction degree, with its numerous concentration areas, enables you ... choosing! Educational Technology-- An online degree. Literacy and Reading-- Take advanced course work ... Talent Development Education-- A degree program with an embedded Gifted Intervention Specialist ...

    Feb 20 2014 - 9:03am - College of Education | Ashland University

  6. Associate to Bachelor Degree Programs

    have an associate's degree and want to earn a bachelor's degree in education from a four-year ... with local two-year institutions, Ashland University can provide a cost-effective degree in education ... at LCCC. You can earn a B.S.Ed. degree in Early Childhood, Early Childhood Intervention Specialist, Middle ...

    Mar 28 2014 - 9:44am - College of Education | Ashland University

  7. A Bachelor’s Degree and MBA in Five Years or Less

    an accelerated degree program that will allow accounting majors to complete both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA ... be a great program for cost-conscious students because it allows them to earn both degrees in less time ... for a bachelor’s degree in accounting in a little over three years.” Parsons said. “Students combine bachelor’s- ...

    Oct 16 2013 - 8:21am - atwyh4

  8. Nursing, Accelerated Second Degree

    The Accelerated Program is designed for students who have already earned a bachelor's degree ... are recognized as having completed core education requirements in their past degree.  Unlike the Traditional ... of settings. This degree also provides the foundation for graduate education in nursing.         More ...

    Apr 10 2014 - 4:32pm - 8y5b6r

  9. Admission Requirements

    Nursing, Accelerated Second Degree Admission to the 15-month Accelerated Nursing Program is extremely competitive and spaces are limited.  Prospective students are encouraged to begin the application ... a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university prior to beginning course work. Had at least a 3.0 ...

    Apr 10 2014 - 4:30pm - 8y5b6r

  10. Tuition and Fees

    Nursing, Accelerated Second Degree (Cohort beginning summer 2014 in Academic Year 2014-2015**)   Expense Term Summer (18 cr) Term Fall (16cr) Term Spring (16cr) Term Summer** (13 cr) Program Total** Tuition  $6,743  $6,743  $6,743  $6,743 $26,972 Tech Fee  $200  $200  $200  $200 $800 Course Fees* $1,400 ...

    Apr 10 2014 - 4:13pm - 8y5b6r