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  1. Dr. Duncan Jamieson

    Duncan Jamieson, professor of history, came to Ashland University in 1978. His areas of expertise are in American history, Ashland University Eagles, bicycling: present and past, American history: 19th & 20th ... touring. He has published in each of these areas. Dr. Jamieson received his B.A. from The Defiance College, ...

    Nov 4 2013 - 3:30pm - College of Arts & Sciences | Ashland University

  2. IRC Mock Caldecott Panels

    Ste-e-e-e-eamboat A-comin! Edwards,Pamela Duncan Shanahan, Danny The Bus Ride That Changed History Egielski,Richard ...

    Jan 21 2014 - 2:40pm - deix4y