Omicron Delta Kappa

Omicron Delta Kappa (ΟΔΚ) is a national leadership honorary represented at Ashland University.

Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honor Society, was founded December 3, 1914 at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia by 15 student and faculty leaders. Since its founding, Omicron Delta Kappa has initiated over 300,000 members.

The Ashland University circle of ΟΔΚ was founded on March 18, 2012 with members representing a variety of areas of campus, as well as notable administrators such as Ashland University President Fred Finks and Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students Sue Heimann. On April 28, 2013, 107 students were initiated in to the Ashland University circle of ΟΔΚ.

The Society recognizes achievement in the following five areas:

  • Scholarship
  • Athletics
  • Campus or Community Service, Social or Religious Activities and Campus Government
  • Journalism, Speech and the Mass Media
  • Creative and Performing Arts

Omicron Delta Kappa places emphasis upon the development of the whole person, both as a present member of his/her college community and as a prospective contributor to a better society. The Society believes that while good scholarship and intellectual development are the chief objectives of college years, the life of the mind is not the only life students will have to cope with as the result of their college experience. It is not enough to be merely a “scholar;” other indispensable qualities have to be cultivated also. Students and faculty members have to understand more clearly that the self is truly a composite of the hand, the heart, and the spirit as well as the mind. Omicron Delta Kappa believes that the real search for the truth, the promotion of good will, the development of consideration and understanding, good taste and a sense of honor, learning how to get along and cooperate with others, and the assumption of duty and responsibility, are important lessons and personal qualities which one learns and develops through an integrated program of academic and extracurricular education.

Five Indispensable Qualifications for Membership: Exemplary character, responsible leadership and service in campus or community life, superior scholarship, genuine fellowship and consecration to democratic ideals.

Membership in Omicron Delta Kappa is awarded to undergraduate junior and senior students meeting the aformentioned criteria who achieve a grade point average within the top 35% at Ashland University.

2012 ΟΔΚ Members

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