Important Forms

New Students:

New Students needing to complete an on campus housing application or commuter application must go through the Admissions website:

Online Housing Software Directions

AU Vaccination Policy

Current Students:

Application for Off-Campus Residency or Commuter Status

Any student who is required by the residency requirement to live on campus but intends not to live on campus must complete the Application for Off-Campus Residency or Commuter Status. As you will see on the application, you are strongly encouraged to meet with a member of The Office of Financial Aid to determine the change in aid, if any, that will occur if you do not live on campus. Please call (419) 289-5002 to schedule an appointment.

WHO SHOULD COMPLETE THIS: All students not needing to live on campus (either students wishing to commute or students wishing to be approved to live off campus)

DEADLINE:  March 21, 2014 for current students applying for the 2014-2015 academic year. For new students, we expect this form shortly after you are accepted.

Loft Building Request Form

Any student wishing to construct a loft must first submit the Loft Building Request Form. Additional criteria and guidelines are available here. NOTE: This page also contains a list of the buildings in which lofts are NOT permitted; please be sure to check that.

The process is as follows:

Complete this form;
Bring it to your RA within the first two weeks of the semester BEFORE you begin construction;
Schedule a time with your RA when you wish to have your completed loft inspected;
Construct the loft;
Meet with your RA to have your completed loft inspected.
WHO SHOULD COMPLETE THIS: Any residential student (living in a building where lofts are permitted) who wishes to construct a loft.

DEADLINE: Within the first two weeks of the semester. NOTE: Please keep this and return it directly to your RA. Please do not send it directly to residence life.

Release from Housing Contract Form

The Release from Housing Contract Form requests release from a student's housing contract for the following reasons: transferring, student teaching or going abroad for the next academic semester/year. Any student withdrawing should contact The Office of the Registrar at (419) 289-5029. This form must be signed by the appropriate advisor and returned to the residence life office.

Request for Housing Accommodations Form

Residential living is central to the Ashland University experience. Ashland University is a residential campus and considers the residential experience an essential part of the student learning experience. If you have a documented disability or other circumstances that will impact your residential experience, please fill out the Request for Housing Accommodations Form. The Housing Accommodation Committee (Director of Counseling Services, Director of Health Center and Director of Residence Life) will advise the Office of Residence Life of the recommended housing configuration based on availability. The Housing Accommodation Committee works closely with the Director of Disability Services.

WHO SHOULD COMPLETE THIS: Any student wanting consideration for a specific housing accommodation for medical reasons.

Room Selection Proxy Form

This form is NOT available online and may be obtained only in residence life. Any current UPPERCLASS student who wishes to select a room for the fall but who cannot attend the designated session during Room Selection should choose a proxy. The proxy will be responsible choosing a room on behalf of the student who could not attend. The student who cannot attend the lottery session needs to come to residence life to obtain both a proxy form and a housing contract.

Room Concession Form

If you would like to stay in your current room but your current roommates are moving out, you will need to have a Room Concession Form completed for Lottery. This form has all of the criteria listed at the top of the page.

You must have all current roommates sign the form if they are not staying with you in that room. You must also have a full compliment of roommates prepared for next year in order to reserve the room.

Summer Housing Application

  • If you plan to take classes at Ashland University or work in the area this summer and would like to stay on campus we offer summer housing.

    • Summer housing begins on Sunday, May 11, 2014.  Students currently in housing will transition to their summer hall/room assignment on this date.
    • Summer housing ends on Saturday, August 2, 2014.  Students in summer housing will transition to their fall hall/room assignment on this date.
  • The two summer residence halls are Myers Hall (no air conditioning) and the second floor of Andrews Hall (air-conditioned)
    • Myers Hall Summer Housing Application

      • Cost is $70.00/week for a regular double room with two occupants or regular triple room with three occupants.
      • Cost is $80.50/week for a regular triple room with two occupants (paid double room).
      • Cost is $91.00/week for a regular double room with one occupant (paid single room).
    • Andrews Hall Summer Housing Application
      •  Cost is $105.00/week for a regular double room with two occupants.
      • Cost is $175.00/week for a regular double room with one occupant (paid single room).
  • Please return the completed application to the Office of Residence Life (232 HCSC) by Friday, April 25, 2014

Contact Us

Residence Life Office

Hawkins Conard Student Center
Room 232

Cat Geletka
Director of Residence Life
Phone: 419.289.5306

Greg Telego
Assistant Director of Residence Life
Phone: 419.289.5326 

Leigh Gribble
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 419.289.5303

Summer Office Hours
7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

Academic Year Office Hours
8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Phone: 419.289.5303
Fax: 419.289.5399