Pre-Seminary and Accelerated BA/MAPT

An important objective of the department is to prepare students to enter seminary training, and explore religious vocations. The pre-seminary group helps students who wish to explore the possibility of entering seminary after graduation and/or who wish to pursue a vocation in Christian ministry. Participants in the group will:

1. Major or minor in Religion (Required);

2. Be paired with one of the religion professors who will serve as a pre-seminary mentor;

3. Participate in the Clinical Experience in Religion (Recommended).

In their junior year, pre-seminary students will be encouraged to take advantage of the close relationship between the department and Ashland Theological Seminary by applying to enter the accelerated Bachelor of Arts/ Master of Arts in Practical Theology (BA/MAPT). This acceleration consists of a combination of classes taken for the religion major counting as courses with advanced standing with credit in the MAPT, graduate classes from the seminary counting as undergraduate general electives, and summer internships with churches. For students planning on going into the ministry, the accelerated BA/MAPT will enhance the undergraduate major in religion and significantly reduce the time and cost of a seminary degree. For additional information, contact Dr. Peter Slade (419-289-5237;

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