Guest Policies

Outside Alcohol/Food&Beverage

  1. Alcoholic beverages are restricted to those 21 years or older (with valid identification).
  2. Outside alcohol is not permitted on the premises.

Unauthorized Guest Access

Visitors of guests are allowed on the premises daily between 10am and 8pm. The guest is to adhere to these visiting hours and escort their visitors at all times on the hotel’s premises. Any additional unregistered guests found in a guest room between 8pm and 10am will incur a penalty charge of $25 USD per person.

Improper Use of Facilities

  1. Guests may not use conference areas unless reserved prior to check-in. Conference areas are subject to availability. Outside food, beverage, and alcohol are not permitted under any circumstance in conference or event spaces.
  2. The Amstutz Hall 9th Floor Suite is rented separately from the gathering areas (boardroom, dining room, lobby, medium conference room, small conference room, and sitting room) located adjacent. These areas are not to be used by a guest of the suite unless separately reserved. Additionally, these spaces may be reserved concurrently with the stay by other groups; the guest of the suite is not to impede the ongoings of other groups on the floor, including:
    1. No tampering with event set-up (including linens, catering items, glassware, china, centerpieces, or other items set up by Ashland University Catering staff)
    2. No interrupting or impeding of any ongoing meeting. If the guest has a noise complaint of an adjacent group, they should report it to Safety Services at (419) 207-5555
    3. No access to catered food or drink not specifically meant and reserved for the suite guest.
    4. Conference and gathering spaces are subject to rental charges and catering charges, as applicable.
    5. The Amstutz 9th Floor kitchen is strictly off-limits to all University visitors and guests.   

Early Departure Policies

  1. Guests may be charged an early departure fee equal to one night’s stay for cancelling their stay with less than 72 hours’ notice.
  2. Guests will not be refunded for unoccupied nights in the suite if the reservation is not cancelled in accordance with the Cancellation Policies.


  1. A deposit of the first night’s stay is required at the time of booking, or for internal customers, an account number must be provided at time of booking.
  2. 72 hour check-in cancellation policy. Cancellation requests made at least 72 hours in advance before arrival may be subject to a full refund of the deposit.  Cancellation request within 72 hours of arrival result in forfeiture of the deposit.


  1. This property is 100% non-smoking. Any evidence of smoking found in the guest room will result in a $250 USD charge to the guest’s account.

Noise/Disturbance Policy

  1. This property has a strict “no party” policy. In the event of a disturbance, one warning will be given to the offending guest, and all unregistered guests will be asked to leave. If the offending guest does not comply, they will be asked to leave and will forfeit any fee, deposit, or payment.