Special Events

Throughout the year, Dining Services offers a variety of exciting events in the Dining Hall. These events feature international and holiday cuisine, fun activities, shows, and informational programs. 

2018 Specials

Sept. 25th:  Project Sushi:  Fresh made sushi for Dinner

Sept. 26th: Costa rican Special:  Dinner special served on the Hot Bar.

Oct. 10th German American Special:  Dinner Special Service on the Hot Bar.  Fresh made German Entrees !

Oct. 23rd: Project Sushi:  Fresh made sushi for Dinner

Oct. 31st Halloween Special:  Enjoy the goulish treats and candy served by staff in costume at the Dinner meal....celebrate with us in costume!

Nov. 7th:  French Cuisine :  Dinner Special served on the Hot Bar.

Nov. 13th: Project Sushi: Fresh made sushi for Dinner

Nov. 15th Thanksgiving Special:  Juicy turkey with delicious traditional side dishes and fresh pies!

Dec. 11th: Project Sushi: Fresh made sushi for Dinner

 2019 Specials

February 14, 2019 :  Food Show Valentines Day Special: Combining two favorite specials!  Enjoy sampling the foods from our many vendors, and a Valentines Day meal  with treats prepared by our chefs.

March 17,  2019 St. Patricks Day Special: ...Corned Beef, Cabbage & Carrots

April 16th  2019 Chocolate Bunny Scavenger Hunt: 8am to noon- Bunnies are hiding outside on the campus, the first 3 students that bring the bunnies to convo are the winners of a 9 pound solid chocolate bunny, hints are posted on our facebook site.   so join our facebook page and don't miss out(Bunny must be returned to Convo before NOON to qualify)

April 16th 2019  Easter Special: -PM Dinner- Colorful treats and candy are served with a special appearance from the Easter bunny, and a chance to win a gourmet Easter Basket.!


Halloween - 70s

Spring Break Special

Back to School Picnic

Easter Bunny