How to Use the AMuLit Center

Prepare for your Appointment:

  • Bring all handouts, instructions, class notes, etc., to your appointment so you can clearly and completely discuss the assignment with your Communication Coach. You will need your instructor's email address.
  • The AMuLit Center has 12 computers available for your use. Bring USB drives for saving your work. 
  • If you need help documenting your references, bring to the appointment your sources or accurate accounts of reference materials, including page numbers from which you have taken information. Printing out the copyright page of a book or the opening page of a website is often helpful.

The Role of Communication Coaches Assistants:

Student Communication Coaches come from across the disciplines who have been recommended by multiple faculty members who know their work and character.  Their role in the AMuLit Center is to:

  • discuss handouts and help students understand assignments

  • explain how to develop a thesis, engage with texts, and work through a draft

  • support students in the improvement of documentation, grammar, and punctuation

  • offer advice and assistance on drafting, revising, and polishing papers, oral presentations, reports, and more

  • work with students and faculty to encourage students to improve student communication

  • exercise empathetic leadership and guidance in working with students

  • build personal communication and leadership skills  

Contact Information

Director: Megan Connor

Center for the Humanities Bixler (CFHB) 111
Office Telephone: 419.289.5156

Administrative Assistant: Tiffany Sanders

Center for the Humanities Bixler (CFHB) 109
Office Telephone: 419.289.5145

About the AMuLit Center.

AMuLit Location

Center for the Humanities, Bixler
Room 104

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