Free Tutoring for the Undergraduate Students - On Campus

Options for Help:


Have a quick question?  Need clarification on something you heard in class today?  Need help quickly and conveniently?  Ashland University’s “drop-in” help sessions may be just right for you!  Just “drop-in” to a session listed in the “Drop-in” tab on the left.  There is no need to register for the session and no forms to fill out.  Nothing can be simpler and more accessible than that!


One on one peer tutors are also available.  Simply select the “Request a Tutor” tab on the left, then complete and submit the requested information.  A tutor should soon be contacting you to arrange a mutually convenient time and place for you to work together.  Please note – if you are requesting a one-on-one tutor for a course in which there are drop-in help sessions already scheduled, we simply ask that you first try the drop-in format a couple of times before requesting  a personal tutor.  As a best practice, your primary contact to understand course content is your professor.  


Want some tips and help planning the steps toward completing an assignment? … test taking tips? … effective note taking?... managing your time?  If you are interested in any of these, or want to learn about many other topics that are available, check out the “Helpful Links” tab on the left.


We offer individual assistance also.  For individual help, simply use the "Request a Tutor" button - when prompted by "What I need help with" briefly state what you are seeking.  To make arrangements for your small group, simply email Denisia Stoops, Peer Tutor Coordinator, at or 419.207.6779.

Denisia Oliveira Stoops

Peer Tutor Coordinator

Center for Academic Support

Seventh Floor of the Library


Peer Tutor Coordinator