Become a Tutor


  • Professor Recommendation
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • A or B in course wishing to tutor
  • An interest in helping students with an attitude of encouragement and support
  • An interview with Denisia Stoops, Tutor Coordinator
  • Submit a Resume before or at the interview
  • Successful completion of tutor training


  • Being prepared for tutoring session
  • Timely communication with the Tutoring office @ 419.207.6779 or and student(s) being tutored
  • Submitting brief online “Session Report Form” after tutoring session
  • For payment purposes, prompt submission of “Time Report” by Pay End Date

After notification from the Tutoring office to proceed with tutoring, it is the responsibility of the tutor to schedule convenient time for individual tutoring sessions in safe public areas.

Beginning tutors are paid $8.10/hour for both individual and group sessions. 

Denisia Oliveira Stoops

Tutor Coordinator

Center for Academic Support

Tutoring office - 701 Library


Peer Tutor Coordinator