Learning Strategies

Ashland University is committed to student success by placing great emphasis on the importance of each individual.  The ‘Tutoring Programs’ Office enforces this commitment to all students seeking assistance.

The strategies offered are to provide students with a foundation to build from.  Should additional assistance be required, please fill out the Request a Tutor Form below for an appointment.

Note Taking Strategies

Always start notes on a fresh page, using symbols and abbreviations that make sense. Often, the information that professors devote more time to is more important and should be noted as such. For more in-depth information, click here.

Stress Management Tips

Sometimes life can get stressful while balancing school and life. Sometimes, even something as simple as taking a time-out away from stressors can help. For more information as well as some apps for your smart phone, click here

Study Strategies

Set up a schedule of studying, making sure to study the more difficult courses first.  Make sure to eliminate distractors and organize your studying thoroughly  . For more in-depth study tips information, click here.

Test Taking Strategies

Tests can be stressful, so start studying from day one. Try to eliminate obvious incorrect answers first. In terms of essays, try to be as clear and concise with your thoughts as you can be. For more in-depth test taking information, click here.

Time Management Strategies

The most precious resource is time. Create a schedule, eliminate distractions and stay healthy. For additional strategies, please click here.

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