Shannon Reutter

Shannon Reutter


Accounting Major,  3.536 Undergraduate GPA /  Working on her MBA.

Shannon tutors one-on-one in all Accounting courses, Accounting 201 & 202 drop-in sessions, and MBA 500 & 511 on an individual basis.

Shannon started tutoring one-on-one Accounting courses in the beginning of fall 2017, and she started Accounting drop-in sessions in the beginning of fall 2018. Denisia Stoops, Tutoring Programs Coordinator, and Ashland University wishes Shannon success in her brand new career as an Auditor and thanks her for her tutoring services to Ashland University's students.

Below is what Shannon said in regards to her experience with tutoring:

"While I was pursuing my undergraduate degree at Ashland University, I was blessed with the opportunity to tutor. However, what seemed initially as just another opportunity to grow turned into something so much more. Ashland University has given me so many options, by majoring in Accounting, Business Management, and Supply Chain Management, I’ve been able to expand my business understanding, but tutoring has given me a wealth of knowledge and purpose that I can share with others.

The best example that I have for how tutoring has changed my personal life began in Spring 2019 when tutoring in Auditing after having taken this course the prior year. Fast forward a few months and I accepted an Assistant Auditor position with the Auditor of State. Having taken the Auditing course, I had a foundation that lead me to the area of accounting that I thought I wanted to pursue. However, after tutoring in Auditing, I had an overwhelming confirmation and excitement for my new career in Auditing. Tutoring in Accounting at Ashland University was the best decision that I’ve made, and it continues to be so.

My love for Ashland University has continued to expand as I am now pursuing my MBA in Accounting and Project Management. As I learn more in the classroom and have more experience in the workforce, I’ve been able to use all of this to help reach students in tutoring."

Summer 2021 Tutoring Feedback


Date: 18 August 2021 at 22:01:23 GMT-4
To: Camille Ringot <>
Subject: Re: Please join Zoom meeting in progress

Dear Camille Ringot


Your help to me has been a godsend. You have helped me pass my accounting class and

my finance classes. You kept my logic straight and my brain focused.

Your timely responses have kept me on track. 


Your timely reminders are a relief in a world of stress and agonized thought.

Many nights I am able to sleep only because of the

peace that we have brought dueto our efforts in tutoring.

I know you have my back, and for that you have my gratitude and my thanks.


You have made these last few months a genuine joy for me,

and i may not have said it but i looked forward to our tutoring sessions.

For short while the world just made sense and everything just seemed to click.



Sincerely Yours,



Date: Wed 11 Aug 2021 at 19:55
Subject: Re: Acct 511 Tutoring
To: Camille Ringot <>

Man thank you so much for your help and suggestions. I got a 100% on my test today. The budget problems we tried yesterday was worth 69% of the test and I got all of them right! Your idea of not doing it last night helped me a lot. I did a practice test last night and it came out to a 60% but I forgot to do an entire question that was worth 25%, then I did the full practice exam a couple hours ago and got a 93%. I was so confident taking this test. I’m so happy 



Date: Thu 26 Aug 2021 at 13:26
Subject: THANK YOU!
To: Camille Ringot <>

Thank you for all the support and being kind, I remember my first call with you I was about in tears, worried I could never pass. 


Grades finally came in today and I got an A-!!