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The Writing Center welcomes students who are writing papers for courses in any discipline. Writing Assistants (WAs) represent a variety of majors & minors and core courses; each WA posts a list of his or her courses and professors so a student can sign up for an appointment with the WA who is the best voice-of-experience for that course and writing assignment. Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance at by selecting an available time on a WA’s schedule. 

UWC Faculty and Staff:

Dr. Maura Grady, Director

UWC Grady Pic  Dr. Maura Grady’s scholarly work includes Composition and Pedagogy and Film and Television Studies.  She is the Director of the Composition Program and the University Writing Center. She holds a PhD in English (Designated Emphasis in Gender Theory) from University of California, Davis as well as an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and MA in English. She joined Ashland University in 2011. She is the author of The Shawshank Experience: Tracking the History of the World's Favorite Movie, "Fan Pilgrimage and Student Service Learning," articles on film and television history and is currently at work on a composition textbook specifically designed for incarcerated post-secondary students.  She lives near campus with her husband, Tim Johnson (AU financial aid), and two daughters.  They have a gray tabby cat who was found by two students wandering around Ashland University's campus.

Center for Humanities Bixler (CFHB) 111

Office Phone: 419-289-5670

Dr. Lorna Condit, Associate Director

Photo UnavailableLorna Condit is the Associate Director of the Writing Center and the Coordinator for the Accent on Writing Initiative. She received her doctorate in English and Religious Studies from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and completed a Masters of Education in Learning & Technology at Western Governors University. She enjoys writing of all kinds from academic papers on 19th century gothic fiction or contemporary Christian novels to therapeutic writing and bibliotherapy. She works primarily with graduate and seminary students seeking writing support, but enjoys working with students of all levels.

Center for Humanities Bixler (CFHB) 103

Office Phone: 419-289-5957

Tiffany Sanders, Administrative Assistant

Photo UnavailableTiffany Sanders is the administrative assistant in the University Writing Center. Tiffany grew up in New Jersey, and earned her bachelor’s degree in family studies from Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas. While there, she served for three years on the Editorial Board for the university newspaper. Tiffany has extensive administrative experience in both professional and volunteer capacities, including team management and event planning. She lives in Ashland with her husband, their two children, and their labradoodle. She is active in her church and in the local schools.

Center for Humanities Bixler (CFHB) 109

Office Phone: 419-289-5145

Contact the following Writing Assistants for help:

Jacob Dingus

 I am a Junior Exercise Science major on track to go into physical therapy and I also have added a psychology minor. I play cornerback for the AU football team and am a member of the Ashland University Honors Program. I enjoy doing volunteer work when I find free time for an AU GIVS event or some miscellaneous good deeds. I also enjoy “nerding out” and playing video games and Magic: the Gathering with my friends to relax.  

Jaion Harris

Hello, my name is Jaion Harris and I come from Maple Heights, Ohio. I am a Creative Writing and English double major with a minor in Studio Arts. I love to read and writing novels in my free time. I also like to play to games, draw, and watch anime as well. I cannot wait to work with those this year at the Writing Center and help in any way I can. 

Jason Berardo

Hi!  My name is Jason Berardo and I am a Political Science/Political Economy major here at Ashland University!  I am a sophomore who enjoys political activism and discussing current events with my friends.  I am from Irwin, PA, which is about 45 minutes east of Pittsburgh.  My goal in life is to become either a lawyer or a Political Science Professor.

Jordan Martin

I am an English major with minors in Spanish and Marketing. After I graduate, I aim to become a grant writer. English is a passion of mine, and I enjoy working in the Writing Center! This will be my third semester working in the Writing Center, and I am so excited to work with each and every one of you! In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano and the cello. I also like to play tennis with friends.

Kiana Ziegler

Hello! My name is Kiana Ziegler and I am a junior Honors Program scholar studying Fine Arts and Graphic Design, and this is my second year working at the Writing Center. I’ve grown up in Ashland my entire life, so if you ever have any questions about Ashland or the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to ask! On campus, you may see me at International Club activities and leading Art Club as their president. Last year, I presented at the URCA Symposium. When I’m not drawing or painting, I enjoy watching TV, movies, and YouTube videos, along with hanging out with friends, family, and my dogs. I can’t wait to meet you and help you become more comfortable with writing!

Lainy Spies

My name is Lainy Spies, and this will be my third semester in the Writing Center. I am currently a junior majoring in Social Work with minors in Psychology and Sociology. I am a commuter student from Polk, Ohio. I spend time volunteering for Safe Haven and North Central Hospice. My happy place is in the middle of the woods. I love painting and curling up in bed with my old cat Liam. I shamefully indulge in chinese takeout and iced coffees. I enjoy all aspects of music whether it is playing, singing, or listening to it. Visit me in the Writing Center, and I would be happy to work with you for anything you need! 

Laurena Shick

Hi everyone! My name is Laurena Shick and I am a junior from Butler, Pennsylvania. I am double majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. Although I love business, writing has always been a passion of mine as well. I love grammar and languages; I have taken two years of Spanish and two years of French. As for extracurricular activities, I am a member of the color guard in AU’s marching band. I am also a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta freshman honor society. I have experience singing in choirs, writing for a school newspaper, and participating in musicals. I love reading absolutely anything dystopian. My favorite dystopian series is the Matched trilogy by Ally Condie, but I also enjoy novels such as The Hunger Games, Fahrenheit 451, Atlas Shrugged, and 1984. When we meet, I’d love to hear about your interests as well. I look forward to working with you!

Mike Coronado

My name is Miguel Anthony Coronado, Mike is preferable, and I'm a current Ashbrook sophomore majoring in Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in History right here in Ashland. I am originally from a humble yet thriving suburb in Houston Texas and came all the way to Ohio just for school. This summer I started an internship for Keith Fiber on his campaign running for State Auditor of Ohio as a Political Researcher which has shown me a lot about how local politics works. I have also started to learn and study German to hopefully be able to read books like Friedrich Nietzsche’s works and to even write my own works in German. My interests include music in general: playing, listening, studying, writing, all of it. I have learned to play the guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, and my favorite genres are punk rock, hip hop, and any style of folk music. I also like to read things such as philosophy or political theory to fantasy fiction and classic literature. I also love to collect vinyl and I love video games. On campus, I'm involved in the Ashland Rugby Club and Philosophy club, but I like keeping a life outside of campus so I usually visit the city of Cleveland or Columbus and frequent their record stores and coffee shops or even go to shows. The plans for the future are to be happy and hopefully own a business such as a record store or coffee shop on top of teaching in any format (not just regular public schooling). I have always appreciated the art that is writing and have come to want to do it as a hobby and a job hopefully in the future because I believe it is something that is universal and can speak a thousand messages without saying it explicitly. It is something I hope to apply to every aspect of my life and I think, since this is my first year as a writing tutor, you guys can help me. I hope to see some you! If you need anything here's my email:

Naomi Sims

Naomi Sims is a junior Creative Writing and Political Science double major from Dallas, Texas. She is the Assistant Editor and a 3rd year writer for the Honors Bugle, Academic Affairs Officer of Student Senate‎, involved in Theatre and the Philosophy honors society. Naomi is an aspiring writer and filmmaker. 

Sara Ludwig

Hi, my name is Sara Ludwig and I am a sophomore. I am an English and Creative Writing double major with a French and Business Administration double minor. I am an Ohio native and grew up in Strongsville, OH, which is less than an hour from AU. Currently I am in the AU Honors Program and this is my first year working in the Writing Center which is very exciting. My passions include reading, singing and of course writing.

Contact Information

Director: Dr. Maura Grady

Center for the Humanities Bixler (CFHB) 111

Office Telephone: 419-289-5670


Administrative Assistant: Tiffany Sanders

Center for the Humanities Bixler (CFHB) 109

Office Telephone: 419-289-5145


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