About the University Writing Center

Need help writing a paper for any class? The Undergraduate Writing Center, located in 104 CFHB (Bixler Hall), is an excellent resource for all writers.

THE ASHLAND UNIVERSITY WRITING Center assists students in developing writing skills in response to assignments from all disciplines. At the University Writing Center, student writers can

  • collaborate with a Writing Assistant (WA) by appointment,
  • work privately on a paper,
  • meet in small groups with a professor or WA.

Who are the Writing Assistants?

Writing Assistants are sophomore, junior, and senior students hired on recommendation from professors across campus to work in the Writing Center as writing advisors for courses they have successfully completed. The WAs are skilled writers representing a variety of majors/minors and core courses; they also serve as lab assistants for English 110, a one-hour-credit class taken concurrently with English 101 & 102.

As writing mentors, WAs share strategies on how to read and analyze a text, take notes, outline, gather information, and effectively craft papers, as well as how to cite and document sources. Best of all, WAs are voices of experience, able and willing to guide student writers through the process of developing papers for courses across the curriculum.

To learn more about what the Writing Center can do and how to prepare for and make an appointment, visit our How To Use the Writing Center page.

Writing Center Hours

10 a.m.–9 p.m. Monday–Thursday
10 a.m.–4 p.m.

Writing Center Location

Center for the Humanities
Bixler Hall
Room 104

Meet Our Writing Assistants