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University Writing Center Procedure

The Writing Center welcomes students who are writing papers for courses in any discipline. Writing Assistants (WAs) represent a variety of majors & minors and core courses; each WA posts a list of his or her courses and professors so a student can sign up for an appointment with the WA who is the best voice-of-experience for that course and writing assignment. Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance on the Undergraduate Writing Center Calendar by selecting an available time on a WA’s schedule. .

Meet the UWC Director: 

Dr. Maura Grady, Director

Center for Humanities Bixler (CFHB) 109

Office Phone: 419-289-5670

Contact the following Writing Assistants for help:

Allie Newhouse

Allie Newhouse Hello! My name is Allie Newhouse and I am a senior at Ashland University! I am an Integrated Language Arts Education (7-12) and Creative Writing double major. I love to travel and am currently exploring more ways to do so. In my "spare" time, I enjoy reading and writing. As a Creative Writing major, I feel like I improve my own writing by reading other author's work! I tend to write realistic fiction and sometimes attempt to write in genres I am uncomfortable with (although I rarely succeed!) I also enjoy organizing and planning - I know, super weird! I am also currently in the midst of planning my wedding, so my crazy organizer brain is definitely coming in handy. I can't wait to start working with you! Email me if you have any questions:

REMEMBER - you CANNOT sign up less than 24-hours before a meeting time.
Classes Taken at AU:
AOS 101 Accent on Success
COM 101 Human Communication
COM 208 Argumentation & Advocacy
COM 302 Intercultural Communication
EDCI 230 WKSP Tchg Gr 7-12 Fld Exp
EDCI 232 Intro Prin Instruct Tech
EDCI 287 Curr/Instr/Assess Gr 7-12
EDCI 306 Midd Gr/Gr 7-12 Read Instr
EDCI 312 Tchg Reading w/Literature
EDCI 316 Teach 21st Cent Adol: Eng/LA
EDFN 130 Intro Tchgn: Expl Tch Career
EDFN 202 Teaching & Learning Process
EDIS 250 Intro Educ Intervention
ENG 101 English Composition I
ENG 102 English Composition II
ENG 201 Intro to Creative Writing
ENG 302 A Writier's Wksp: Nonfict/fict
ENG 317 Studies in Shakespeare
ENG 330 African Literature
ENG 332 Global Film
ENG 410 Romantic Movement
ENG 417 English Grammer & Usage
ENG 427 English Grammar and Usage
HS 180 Lifetime Wellness
JDM 133 Video/Audio Aesthetics
JDM 320 Feature Writing
MKT 233 Princ of Marketing
MUSIC 130 Basic Guitar Musicianship
SOC 340 Marriage and Family
PSYC 218 Psychology of Adolescence
REL 106 Exploring the Bible
EDCI 330SEC Clrm Mgt Fld Exp Gr 7-12
ENG 302 Writer's Wksp: Nonfict/Fict
ENG 308 RENOL The Poem
ENG 324 Modern Novel
ENG 401 The Lit of Early England
ENG 405 Problems in Creative Writing
ENG 428 Amer Lit IV: WWII to Pres
MUSIC 120 Voice (Non-Major)
MUSIC 121 Piano (Non-Major)
Classes Currently Taking:
SPAN 171 Elementary Spanish 1
TH 214 Acting for Non-Majors
JDM 403 Mass Media Effects
ENG 306 The Essay
ENG 351 Advanced Composition
ENG 408 18th Century English Literature
ENG 425 American Literature I: Colonial to Federalist

Alyanna Tuttle

Hello! My name is Alyanna Tuttle and I am a current senior at AU. I am majoring in Integrated Language Arts with a minor in Online Teaching and Instructional Technology. I plan on becoming a high school English teacher after I graduate in 2017.  I love to read, it is definitely one of my passions. I also love to paint, craft, and sing/play music.

Classes Taken at AU:
COM 101 Human Communication
EDCI 306 Teaching Reading and Literatue
EDCI 232 Intro to Print Instruction Technology
EDFN 202 Teaching and Learning
EDIS 245 International Perspective on Disability
EDIS 250 Intro to Intervention
ENG 101 English Comp I
ENG 102 English Comp II
ENG 201 Intro to Creative Writing
ENG 302 Nonfiction/Fiction Workshop
ENG 314 Lit and Gender
ENG 317 Studies in Shakespeare
ENG 371 Lit and Film
ENG 408 18th Century English
ENG 410 Romantic Movement
ENG 417 Grammar and Usage
ENG 426 American Lit II
ENG 427 American Lit III
HIST 213 American History Ater the Civil War
JDM 203 Writing for the Media
PSYC 218 Psychology of Adolescence
REL 107 Exploring World Eligions
TH 203 Theatre Aesthetics

Allyson Massimi

 I am currently a Junior Dietetics major from Buffalo, NY. This is my third year at AU and I am really looking forward to what this year has in store for me! This is my second year as a Writing Assistant at the Writing Center, and I am very excited to begin collaborating with students! I love helping people and I love writing essays! English has always been one of my favorite subjects in school. I love getting caught up in a good book and connecting with the characters through the author’s words. My favorite book is Paper Towns by John Green. I also enjoy writing research papers, as well, especially when it is a topic I am really interested in. Some other things I enjoy are working out, playing volleyball, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix and sports, especially Hockey.

Classes Taken at AU:
ART 160 Fundamentals of Sculpture
CHEM 103 General Chemistry ICHEM 104 General Chemistry IIDIET 103 Meal Management
DIET 230 Food Science and Applications
ENG 101 English Composition I
ENG 102 English Composition II
HSM Environmental Management
MGT 240 Intro to Management
REL 109 Christian Ethics

Bethany Meadows

Bethany Meadows is a senior English major with minors in Public Relations and in Creative Writing. She is involved with the Honors department and with dabbling here and there in campus events. Bethany has a passion for writing, watching hockey, and all things music related. She loves alternative music and also plays five instruments. Her future plans include becoming a bartender and a professor rhetoric and composition.
Classes Taken at AU:
BIO 202 Organisms, Adapt, & Diversity
COM 101 Human Communication
COM 205 Intro to PR
COM 208 Argument & Advocacy
COM 211 PR Writing
COM 301 Public Speaking
COM 323 Sports PR
COM 436 Internship in PR
ECON 301 Game Theory
ENG 101 Composition I
ENG 102 Composition II
ENG 201 Intro to Creative Writing
ENG 308 The Poem
ENG 338 Themes & Topics in Literature
ENG 371 Literature and Film
ENG 401 Literature of Early England
ENG 428 American Literature IV
HON 101 First Year Honors Seminar
HON 310 Capstone Prep
HON 390 Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar
HS 180 Lifetime Wellness
JDM 405 Global Impact of Social Media
MUSIC 010 Marching Band
MUSIC 016 Wind Ensemble
MUSIC 051 Community Band
MUSIC 130 Basic Guitar Musicianship
Classes Currently Taking:
ENG 301 Writer's Workshop: Poetry
ENG 325 Seminar: Paul Laurence Dunbar
ENG 425 American Literature I
ENG 498 Independent Research
REL 106 Exploring the Bible

Carli Diturno

Emily Cardwell

Emily Cardwell is a senior from Norwlak, Ohio majoring in English and History with minors in Religion and Political science. On campus, I'm involved with Newman Catholic Campus Ministry, the Ashbrook Scholar Program, and the Honors Program. i enjoy reading (especially novels by Jane Austen), running, drinking tea, watching Saturday Night Live, and spending time with my pets (one dog and two cats). This is my fourth semester with the Writing Center. I enjoy helping students discover their tru potential as writers, and I'm excited for another great semester!
Classes Taken at AU:
ENG 317 Studies in Shakepeare, Dr. Donatini
ENG 324 The Modern Novel, Dr. Lehman
ENG 325 Major Writers Seminar - Hemingway, Dr. Weaver
ENG 338 Themes and Topics in Literature, Dr. Brown
ENG 370 The Russian Novel, Dr. Weaver
ENG 371 Literature and Film, Dr. Grady
ENG 408 18th Century British Literature, Dr. Donatini
ENG 410 The Romantic Movement,  Dr. Weaver
ENG 425 American Lit I, Dr. Brown
ENG 427 American Lit III, Dr. Brown
ENG 428 AMerican Lit IV, Dr. Waterman
HIST 112 Western Civilization I, Dr. Edith Foster
HIST 113 Western Civilization II, Dr. Paddags
HIST 212 American History through the Civil War, Dr. Schwarz
HIST 213 American History after the Civil War, Dr. Hess
HIST 267 Medieval Europe, Dr. Lyons
HIST 353 Early Republic, Dr. Schwarz
HIST 355 Civil War and Reconstruction, Dr. Schwarz
HIST 370 Topics - Jefferson, Dr. Wchwarz
Politcal Science
POLSC 101 Understanding Politics, Dr. Schramm
POLSC 102 Democracy in America, Dr. Sikkenga
POLSC 341 Modern Middle East, Dr. Paddags
POLSC 345 Early Modern Political Thought, Dr. David Foster
POLSC 431 Human Being and Citizen, Dr. Sikkenga
REL 106 Exploring the Bible, Professor Radar
REL 107 Exploring World Religions, Dr. Aune
REL 220 Taking Human Life, Dr. Hovey
REL 208 Exploring Christian Theology, Professor Liddy
SPAN 272 Intermediate Spanish II, Dr. Cummins
HON 101 Honors Seminar, Dr. Jamieson
PSYCH 101 Introduction to Psychology, Dr. Ickes
COMM 101 Human communication, Dr. O'Rourke
HS 180 Lifetime Wellness, Dr. Sullivan
MUSIC 252 Music and Drama Across Cultures, Dr. Fuhrmann
BIO 129 Drugs, Poisons, and Pollutants, Dr. Trimble
PHIL 220 Practical Thinking, Dr. Mancha
BIO 100 Human Biology, Dr. Dawson

Erica Linderman

Garrison Stima

Jacob Dingus

Kathryn Culver

Kiana Ziegler

I am a Fine Arts major, concentrating in Digital Art and Drawing, and may be including a Psychology minor. I was born and raised right here in Ashland. In my spare time, other than arts and crafts, I enjoy playing Pokemon Go, Magic the Gathering, and board games, along with playing with my dogs and spending time with my friends and family. I also watch a lot of YouTube videos and my favorite TV show is Game of Thrones. On campus, I participate in the following: International Club, Art Club, Assault Shouldn't Happen (A.S.H.) and occasionally Anime Club. I am a member of Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society and the Academic Honors Program.  Here is a list of the courses I've taken, and the courses I'm taking this semester. Classes Taken at AU: Color Theory, Priscillla Roggenkamp Drawing I, Priscilla Roggenkamp Drawing II, Keith Dull 3-D Design, Dan McConald 2-D Design, Keith Dull Honors Western Civilization, Rene Paddags General Psychology I, Chris Chartier Human Communication, Deleasa Randall-Griffiths Honors Exploring Christian Ethics, Craig Hovey Honors First Year Seminar, Dr. Christopher Swanson AP Credit for English 101 and 102, Intermediate Spanish, and Political Science elevtives Classes Currently Taking: Western Art I, Wendy Schaller Honors Introduction to Philosophy, Dr. Louis Mancha Digital Art I, Michael Bird Drawing III, Keith Dull Paiting I, Keith Dull

Kiara Woods

Lainy Spies

Lainy Spies Hello, all! I am currently a sophomore at Ashland University majoring in Social Work and minoring in Psychology. I am from Polk, Ohio and currently reside there as a commuter student. On campus, I am a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and involved with the Honors Program. During my freshman year, I was involved with AU's theater department. I enjoy walking my dogs, and spending time with my family and my boyfriend. I also love going on Starbucks runs with friends, listening to music, reading, and watching Netflix. When I am not taking classes at Ashland, I work at Goodwill as a Job Coach; I enjoy working with the participants that walk through Goodwill's doors. This is my first semester as a Writing Assistant, and I am so excited to work with all of you!

Laurena Schick

Logan Alexander

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