2018-19 Fall/Spring Graduate/Seminary Financial Aid Application

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General Information
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MBA Foundations
** MBA Foundations courses are not included in degree requirements and are therefore NOT ELIGIBLE for federal financial aid. You may borrow a private alternative education loan. A list of lenders is available at https://choice.fastproducts.org/FastChoice/home/301200/1. Please note that you are not required to use a lender from this list.
Federal Aid Request

To learn how much you may borrow, please read the FAQ's on the Financial Aid website. Remember to include the 1.066% fee deducted from Federal Direct Loans when making your request. Approved loan funds will credit your account 10 days prior to the start of class as long as you are enrolled for at least half-time hours. Aid will not be awarded for semesters left blank. Please carefully determine your financial needs for the full year.  Increase requests and duplicate applications may delay processing.

Also note that the application for the summer term is a seperate application that will be available in early February.


*MEd students in an Intervention Specialist degree program may be eligible for the TEACH Grant. Please follow the application instructions at www.ashland.edu/graduate/financial-aid under “TEACH Grant” at the left. To apply for a loan for Summer Session 2017,  complete the Summer Financial Aid Application at www.ashland.edu/graduate/financial-aid.

If you wish to allow the Financial Aid Office to speak to your spouse, parents or others regarding your financial aid records, submit an Authorization to Release Financial Aid Records and Information Form. The authorization form is available on the “Forms” section of www.ashland.edu/graduate/financial-aid. You may revoke this authorization at any time through a signed letter to the Financial Aid Office

By submitting this application, you are confirming that the information is complete and accurate. Any changes or errors may require an adjustment to your financial aid award. Processing time takes up to 2 weeks and you will be notified via your AU email account when your financial aid award is ready to view on WebAdvisor. New students will receive a copy of their award letter in the mail.