Ben Gletka

What would you tell a prospective or current student about the pre-professional programs at Ashland University?
Ashland does an exceptional job with cultivating great researchers and clinicians by preparing them for various graduate programs.  Small class size and the attention that the faculty provides is a great added benefit.

Why did you choose Ashland University for your pre-professional program?
 I was a student athlete, so I was looking for a University that I was able to pursue a pre-physical therapy program and play football as well.  Ashland fit that need nicely.

Where did you complete your graduate program?
I received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Ohio University in 2005.

How did your pre-professional program help prepare you for your graduate program?
I worked with my advisor and professors in the department of biology/toxicology to taper my pre-requisites and class work to compliment coursework in physical therapy school.  I felt aptly prepared during my graduate program.

What did you like most about your pre-professional program (certain classes, research, faculty, etc.)?
In regards to my profession, classes like anatomy and physiology, advanced human physiology, exercise physiology and statistics were really helpful in preparing for physical therapy school.  Dr. Mason Posner was an influential professor and was very supportive during my coursework at Ashland.

How did Ashland University help you when searching for and applying to graduate schools?
The Career Development Center was very helpful when it came to applying to graduate programs, mock interviews and professional preparation.  My advisor, Dr. Douglas Dawson, provided me with potential physical therapy programs and highlighted those where Ashland students had been accepted previously.

What type of work are you doing in your current position?
I work for a hospital-based outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic where I treat a variety of orthopedic cases and chronic pain.  I also work as an adjunct instructor for the Walsh University School of Physical Therapy where I teach in their orthopedic coursework. 

Did Ashland University help you reach your career goals? If so, how?
I feel Ashland University prepared me well for placement into a competitive physical therapy program with a solid knowledge base to grow from.

Were you involved in research as an undergrad at Ashland? If so, what kind, and how did it prepare you for graduate school and for your career?
I completed an independent research project with both the department of biology/toxicology and the department of exercise physiology.  I was investigating if varied breathing patterns altered lactic acid content in the blood during cardiovascular exercise.  This provided a tremendous amount of insight into the research process, the data collection, running statistics on the data as well as writing a research paper.  I feel this gave me a better appreciation of how to digest the literature in regards to interpretation and practical use.

How satisfied are you with your overall pre-professional program experience at Ashland University?
I am very satisfied with my experience.  The program really fostered me over the course of four years to ultimately meet my goal of acceptance into a physical therapy program.