Christopher Williams

It is without the slightest level of hesitation that I can say my major in Philosophy had provided so much for me. The studies provided me with the necessary tools to engage- and excel- in all fashions. It is a perfect coupling agent and helps one to not only perceive and analyze, but properly anticipate the world around them. Without sounding too mechanical, I also believe that the eclectic teaching styles of Ashland's philosophy department permits one to attain a level of understanding and a foundation that is atypical from many other universities. My favorite course was Dr. Mancha's Ancient/Medieval philosophy. The class provided me with a strong foundation with the history of philosophy and constantly incites intrigue in the overwhelming scope of the topic. It humbles one and the fundamental issues being discussed are constantly revisited by later philosophers. To even consider what philosophy was BEFORE Plato is so unique and to see it move forward coupled with historical and contextual evidence imprints a whole new method of understanding on the individual. The skills I had gained from my time in Ashland and have even given me the edge in my professional career. My boss trusts my ability to read and interpret many documents and found my inquisitive nature to be ideal. Provided, philosophy is not a "cure-all" but the staff and studies at Ashland really do open quite a lot for a person to wrestle with and grow as a real individual.