Coming Soon

Posted by Eric Sherman on March 11, 2015

Do you remember how movie trailers used to create excitement? They introduced the characters or teased the conflict. They made you want to see the movie. They built anticipation. My wife used to make us leave the the theatre, claiming we were late, if we didn't make it in time to see every movie trailer prior to the feature presentation.

I realize I may be accused of having Early Onset Grumpiness (it's a real thing, don't you watch Portlandia?), but these days I feel as though I've watched the entire movie by the time they get done showing me the trailer.

And don't even get me started on "teasers." For those of you who don't know what a teaser is, it's what we used to call a movie poster, but now someone puts music to the static image and it gets a 60 million views.

Well, I want to offer you a preview: As you know, AU is moving from our current Learning Management System (LMS), ANGEL, to Blackboard (Bb). We're hoping this fills you with excitement and anticipation. But, we're realistic enough to know that when people aren't provided enough information it can create a sense of anxiety. That may be fun in a movie theatre, but it is not cool when it comes to your reputation. So, it is our goal to inundate you with as much information as we have available to us. This will include email, portal announcements, blog posts, tweets, flyers, posters, face-to-face training, online video tutorials... there are so many other ways, but I'll let that be just a small example.

The Blackboard Team is going to be returning in the next couple of weeks. They are going to be training the Tech Support Center, administrative assistants, professors, and administrators through the end of March. Those individuals will then be better equipped to pass that training on to you. Blackboard has also supplied us with their own knowledge base documentation as well as video tutorials. Additionally, we currently have some dedicated faculty and staff who are well experienced with Bb. In addition to all of the training we will be announcing in the very near future, we will be rolling out some of our own online video tutorials.

We are going to do our best, but we need your help. Consider bookmarking this page or subscribe to this blog for updates; keep an eye on this training calendar; volunteer to be a first-point-of-contact for your department; comment and keep engaged with us, and let us know how we're doing.

As I said, we're in the process of supplying you with all the materials you need, and there will be more communication in the coming weeks as we scehdule all of the training opportunities. In the meantime, here is our own teaser of what is to come and to get you a little more comfortable with the Blackboard environment.