Katie Manocchio

I could not have asked for a better experience at Ashland University. The professors not only in my pre-professional program were amazing, but professors that I had outside of my major were just as amazing.  I witnessed every day how important it was to the professors that every student succeeded and had the best educational experience possible.

Why did you choose Ashland University for your pre-professional program?
I chose Ashland University because I was attracted to the small class sizes and felt that the small student to professor ratio would greatly enhance my educational experience, which it did. I also chose AU for my pre-professional program because I felt that the technological advancements in the field of science were comparable to a larger university, which was important to continue my education. Lastly and most importantly, I chose AU because I saw that the professors were invested in their students and really wanted them to succeed.

Where did you complete your graduate program?
I am currently completing my graduate program at the University of Toledo.

How did your pre-professional program help prepare you for your graduate program?
My experience at AU helped me prepare for physician assistant school by exposing me to material that I further encountered in my graduate program. It was helpful to be exposed to the material beforehand and gave me more confidence in my classes.  Also, the work ethic that I acquired at AU helped prepare me for the intense demands of a graduate level program.

What did you like most about your pre-professional program (certain classes, research, faculty, etc.)?
I really enjoyed almost every single class that I took in my major, but one class that I extremely enjoyed was my organic chemistry class. This was a surprise to me because organic chemistry is a class that many people dread, but I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with a more amazing professor.

How did Ashland University help you when searching for and applying to graduate schools?
AU helped prepare me in many ways when I was searching and applying to physician assistant programs.  First, in one of my classes, we worked on ways to improve filling out resumes and applications, we also took a practice GRE test which was a requirement in order to get into my professional program and was extremely helpful.  One of the most helpful things that AU offered was the ability to schedule an appointment and go through a practice interview which greatly prepared me for the “real thing”.

What type of work are you doing in your current position?
Currently, I am in graduate school finishing up my professional program.

Did Ashland University help you reach your career goals? If so, how?
Yes, Ashland University did help me reach my career goals because my ultimate goal while I was at AU was to get into physician assistant program.

Were you involved in research as an undergrad at Ashland? If so, what kind, and how did it prepare you for graduate school and for your career?
No, I was not involved in research as an undergrad.

How satisfied are you with your overall pre-professional program experience at Ashland University?
I could not have been more satisfied with my overall pre-professional program experience at AU.  It was one of the best decisions of my life and if I had to I would make the same decision all over again.

What would you tell a prospective or current student about the pre-professional programs at Ashland University?
I would tell them that even though AU is a small school it has as much to offer if not more than a large university.  AU has something that is hard to find elsewhere: professors who teach because they love what they are doing and come across as very caring about their students. I feel that they are not just teaching because they need to do research like many large universities. I guarantee that you will not regret your decision if you choose AU to be your alma mater.