Matthew Pifer

My research as part of the pre-professional program provided a foundation for future research in medical school and continues on today with the projects I am currently working and publishing on.

Why did you choose Ashland University for your pre-professional program?
I was recruited to Ashland on a football scholarship and majored in biology and chemistry.

Where did you complete your graduate program?
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

How did your pre-professional program help prepare you for your graduate program?
Some of my undergraduate classes at Ashland were at graduate level quality.

What did you like most about your pre-professional program (certain classes, research, faculty, etc.)?
Small class size and great professors made for a top-level learning experience.  

How did Ashland University help you when searching for and applying to graduate schools?
Advice from professors was helpful.

What type of work are you doing in your current position?
Orthopaedic surgery. I am finishing residency this year, then going onto a sports medicine fellowship next year in San Diego, CA.

Did Ashland University help you reach your career goals? If so, how?
Yes, it provided a solid scientific foundation for a future of medicine.

What would you tell a prospective or current student about the pre-professional programs at Ashland University?
Yes, you need a solid base of scientific knowledge to build upon in order to progress and be successful in a professional program.